Easy like being the other one

painting by Banksy! 


This question keeps coming back: how come can we put ourselves in other people’s shoes and predict their future and we can’t do it for ourselves?

The alter ego: as in the other me; the other one who is similar to me and yet so different. Same in humanity and different in humanity too, relationships are meant to be difficult. So are the relationships we have with ourselves.

Imagine someone asking you for an advice regarding their life. Foreseeing their future in general, pinpointing their talents and their flaws, predicting about their love affairs etc., is all so easy.  However, one can’t do it for themselves.

To be intuitive about one’s own life, this requires an internal journey to meet the inner alter ego. Seeing oneself from the inside out requires facing the veil of emotions and some undesirable truth.  It’s never too objective to be clear.

That’s why we can be deceived in trying to foreseeing our own future but never ever bored.



2 thoughts on “Easy like being the other one”

  1. After that, it’s very pleasant to predict the future of others. But it’s also very pretentious. And not so reliable!
    Maybe we also see very easily the weaknesses of others, that we refuse to see in ourselves – because we can find the reasons for it: I don’t change this because it would hurt my mother, my children etc etc….. And that these reasons are very comfortable for our self-esteem !

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    1. There is a pretentious satisfaction to it for sure but it is easier to predict for others than to yourself. Maybe also it is a projection if our own fears and desires. Thank you for your comment, it is insightful

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