I wish you all a lot of boredom

I am sitting in front of thPlaceholder ImageI am sitting in front of the blank screen, thinking about writing. It has been like this for the last 2 days but, all of a sudden, my mind has become as blank as this screen. No words, no images, no thoughts… nothing but a quite peaceful emptiness! Only one questions kept on lingering: what to write? What to write?

This is the experience of everyone of us, the experience of the missing word. And we can’t stand silence easily for it makes us unease. With social media in reach, media, news, explosions, celebrations, discussions, debates, loads of writing and posting, the world is talkative and noisy, too exposed and too exposing. Where one is forced to give an opinion, to protest, to cry, to laugh, to ask, to answer, to speak..is where silence is unbearable! For silence is the luxury of boredom!

Boredom is troublesome because it makes our mind wander. Martin Heidegger pointed out that boredom makes us reach the being! In a more simple language, boredom makes us think about the core, about the substantial: life, love, movements, actions, feelings, death, loved ones, hate, beauty, ugliness, freedom, justice, sex…. Boredom makes us think about the existence… about the being!

I wish you all a lot of boredom!



Writing is about inventing something new, as in a life, an existence, a becoming. For the becoming is creativity, a change, becoming other, creating hope for us in this world we live in. Art, philosophy, mysticism have a responsibility: the becoming of our societies!

We can’t get enough of Nietzsche!

On his virulent battle against the traditional judeo-christian morals that is against life and excellence, on his defense of art as a sublimation of life, on his criticism of the contemporary hedonistic society that wants to banish all kinds of suffering and turn all people to vulgar idiotic lookalikes! Beautiful article… don’t miss the end!


Any Rand: a vivid look at her work!

Claiming selfishness as a moral idea of the individual, Rand is very modern and maybe contemporary social and political values are a response to her ideals. The fountainhead is probably one of the best novel I have read in the American litterature of the XXTH century. In this book, Rand shows off her main concepts such as objectivism, individualism, selfishness etc… through personnages and an intrigued love story tainted with ambition in an esthetic frame! A must read!