Because we all have something to say and we all like to share what we know! Because we all need to be inspired and inspire others! Because life is a fluctuating process in a large web with different levels and layers.

25 thoughts on “Home”

  1. I always come over when I think about you and have to grin, but since I always have difficulties finding your stuff I would recommend changing your “home” or “blog” page to an archive of all of your posts.
    With love from beyond of the Olympus.

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    1. … and since you asked recently what to write about, I have actually a request which could be interesting for the rest of the world:
      Why not write about the political turmoil in your country?
      This is so interesting and nearly no one knows in the West anything about it.

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      1. even better: you wanted something to have to write to:
        here you have a miniseries.
        I often write miniseries – it happened that way,
        and the most interesting thing is that sometimes a 5-parter even overlapps with another 6-part-series.

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      1. You are a typical case of “really intelligent, yet, digi-veg”.
        (I should facepalm now, but I think I will invent a new way:
        The genital-palm in order to make sure that I never get any kids who have digi-veg-genes. )

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      2. A woman once told me that she would be a “digi-veg” each time a technical problem came up,
        so I took it that she meant a vegetable when it comes to digital issues.
        Never heared it elswhere, so you don’t have to take this as a standart expression.
        (And btw: I actually don’t think at all that you are one – you are just to lazy to walk to that magic door of your blog with the name “settings” 😉

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      3. Actually, I think you would make a great diplomat for many reasons:
        Multilingual, educated, intelligent, diplomatic, charming, a visual ecclectic mix, and most important:
        physically fit and small enough to crawl through the air-ventilation system once terrorists attack the embassy.

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      4. Small enough that I must scream and jump to be heard by other big people like you in Europe 🙂
        Thank you, this is very sweet. Diplomacy is a game but I guess I care about justice and better life for people. All these are the opposite of the actual politics

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      5. Well … Mother Theresa also was very small, so maybe you are the mother Theresa of the internet 😉
        And since you are such a cute hobbit-elf I invite you to have a holiday with me – you choose. Either Smallville or Lilliput.
        However, one thing does puzzle me: You must be so small that you don’t even leave an Ip-trace in the internet anymore, because I never saw any visitor from L…b… at my blog at all.
        So what is it: Do you have VPN or do you live really in Rivendell ?

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      6. I moved away from Earth because Earth is getting on my nerves with its powerful humans ruling it 🙂
        Moreover, I needed to step away from the internet. I am in a creative rut. No offense and no harm feelings. I needed some inspiration from elsewhere.
        I hope you are doing fine big viking man!

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      7. If someone understands, it’s me:
        I just finished watching all news up to now and having watched also a lot of euronews and others worldwide I came to the conclusion that we now are entering the madness-phase. Yesterday I sat in front of my laptop thinking that this is just like cheap Scifi movies from the 80s or Mad Max and facepalmed myself nearly constantly (especially about social network comments in youtube or twitter).
        I seriously think that humankind can’t be helped anyore and now work twice as hard on getting enlightened not to be born as a human on earth anymore.

        I also got a real crisis (which I will publish an article about this afternoon) and after a week of contemplation came to the conclusion that I now choose quarantaine only secondary because of covid-19 but mainly to stay away from the common madness of consumerism and frenzy which (because it’s common) is deemed to be ‘normal’.

        Now you probably understand why I weeks ago told you that I unsubscribed from all blogs (including yours, sorry), but this came in stages for me: First a withdrawal from unsuitable friends, then from social networks (except for wordpress), then from my family (in a friendly way) and now the next step comes.

        Obviously for most who don’t share my spiritually preference this looks weird but to twist myself further into playing along starts to twist my psyche – something I just become aware slowly now that I meditate more – didn’t notice that beforehand.

        Somehow I sense that this will be the work to be done by the masses when in the long run robotics will replace most simple jobs (but also even doctors etc.)
        First the masses will like to have more spare time on their hands and enjoy gaming or video-watching but after 2 years a new kind of crisis will set in when people will ask themselves the philosophical questions you already address.

        Together, yay,
        we stay away!

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      8. I guess people don’t want to change. It’s not that they are blind to what’s happening but they are holding on to a way of life that is changing. As a yogi yourself, you know that flexibility is not only physical but intellectual too.
        And, one of the best things about quarantine is you only see the people you want to see 🙂

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      9. Yes, My Lynnchen,
        I guess I am a ‘special case’, because I am less flexible than most who do yoga-classes,
        but therefore mentally more flexible than them.
        That’s why I never would dare to call myself a yogi – I see yogis as those totally dedicated ones ( mostly in the Himalayas).

        I actually thought about my physical-mental-flexibility-discrepancy and still can’t explain it to myself properly yet.
        On the other hand, I never heared about physical flexible philosophers, so that seems to be a common theme in nature. Maybe you can explain that, who knows?

        On another note: I find your logo quite intriguing: Phi for the golden ratio,
        I would have assumed that a greek letter would rather refer to something philosophical in your case.
        But then again … you have a lot of yang inside you, so you might have a mathematical talent on top of your ligual ones. (after all, one of the most intelligent people on the planet is a woman who is quite sharp solving mathematical problems). Her name is Maylynn Vos … ah sorry, (you know my name-thing) … again: … Marilyn Vos Savant.

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      10. The Greek phi is the symbol of philosophy. No maths, no calculations plz.
        Now, for physical flexible philosophers, I can’t say anything because I have no idea of their physical activities.
        Speaking of physical activity, flexibility, like anything in this life, can be trained.
        Lynnchen is cute… small Lynn 😊 I am 165cm.. and you?


      11. Ah, right, Phi-loso-phi 😉
        Yeah, I get the feeling also that I may become more flexible, because the meditation changes some deep rooted patterns in my mind and I at times spontaneously begin to stretch in new ways, and also constantly loose weight.
        165cm is cute – my father was 168, my mother 166, and I was 186 but guess that I am 185, my grandmother was 158 and my mother now claims to be even smaller as she shrinks fast in age.
        You would be a funny clever cutie to be around – but only in 6 years,
        because the maximum age-difference my incredible maturity allows for is 20% – hahaha.
        So now you know, in case you dump your boyfriend in 2026, call the cryonics center and ask them to defrost me for you.

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      12. Yeah, no one would notice you as extra small (only cute).
        It’s old people who get smaller and smaller, and I think throughout the world tall ones rise – even in Asia.
        I guess it’s the change of food.
        Because my mother obviously doesn’t loos much weight in old age anymore, she now starts to look more and more like the Michelin-Man 😀

        And now I have a research-question, because the guy who works in the supermarket told me that people would get more grumpy with the half-lockdown / mask duties.
        How is the lockdown in your country by now? Totally lifted, or partially like in Germany?
        And also: Do you live alone or with your boyfriend? (I ask because I am searching for someone who lives away from their daily partner and want to know how lockdown is without physicality – my theory being that this could be the reason why some people get grumpier as the supermarket-employee said, because it’s totally different being in a chosen long-distance-relationship and a sudden imposition of celibacy).

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      13. It is partially lifted. But in Lebanon we have other issues to deal with; economical crisis that is hitting all of the Middle East with the US sanctions. It is total bewilderment here. And as much as we all took the pandemic very seriously, as much as we care less and less about it now because we constantly wonder how we will survive


      14. Thanks for that info, I assumed so.
        It is a tragic what extend of suffering the US causes around the world.
        I once read that up to a certain point the USA did really mind their own business and do well for the world,
        until this shifted and they slowly interfered in all affairs, first seeing themselves as the police of the world,
        then taking their influence to a selfish level. Read John Perkin’s “confessions of an economical hitman”
        (here is the audiobook and there are also plenty interviews of him in youtube: https://youtu.be/3FeWRbb-jSU )

        I think I will write an article soon about the root of the US-problems.
        Somehow it seems to me as they are destroying themselves but I don’t know to what extend they will take the world down with them.

        In a way they actually would not be a fraction as powerful as they are, would it not be due to their insane spending on weapons which is 5 times as high as the rest of the world.
        And the money from it all comes from that fake money created by the privately owned Federal Reserve bank.

        Also interesting for you, the documentary: “The money masters” by Bill Still, or the book “The creature from Jeckyll Island”. That’s why I don’t trust in capitalism which is nothing but an arbitrary system imposed upon us.
        A total new money system should be created in which lending is outlawed (as I think in Islamic states it is shunned).

        – – –

        On another note: Yesterday for the first time after lockdown I went to see a German movie called “Man from Beirut” and then recalled that you once said: “We are Turks” – Turkish headhunters. I was the only one in the cinema.

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      15. I would love to hear on the US from a German person because I know you have mixed feelings towards american politics.

        On a different note, I never said we were Turks. But I know for sure lebanese are not popular in Germany due to some Lebanese mafia in Berlin.

        And speaking of mafia, I watched “the money masters”: they should’ve called it “the money monsters”


      16. I am under the impression that you do see me more as a German than I do,
        because I don’t feel to belong to the German community.
        But that could also have to do with the fact that I am focussing on my inner evolution which does carry me away from worldly consens.
        So I think I would not belong anywhere anyway and slowly can understand why the wise ones retreat into the woods or mountains.

        About the mafia: I think they exist in every country and I have to say that I never had contact with them, because they seem to hang around more in cerain areas, like where gambling casinos are etc…
        There was a Turk comment from you a long time ago, but since I delete my mails monthly I wouldn’t know whether you are right now or not. (whatever)

        And about the moneymasters: After having seen that I was greatly aggravated and thought a long time about how to create a new currency but the longer I think about it the less likely it seems, because I anticipate a bunch of issues on the way there.

        Here is one thought which I never followed up upon anymore because I never found allies :

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