I wish you all a lot of boredom

Placeholder ImageI am sitting in front of the blank screen, thinking about writing. It has been like this for the last 2 days but, all of a sudden, my mind has become as blank as this screen. No words, no images, no thoughts… nothing but a quite peaceful emptiness! Only one questions kept on lingering: what to write? What to write?

This is the experience of everyone of us, the experience of the missing word. And we can’t stand silence easily for it makes us unease. With social media in reach, media, news, explosions, celebrations, discussions, debates, loads of writing and posting, the world is talkative and noisy, too exposed and too exposing. Where one is forced to give an opinion, to protest, to cry, to laugh, to ask, to answer, to speak..is where silence is unbearable! For silence is the luxury of boredom!

Boredom is troublesome because it makes our mind wander. Martin Heidegger pointed out that boredom makes us reach the being! In a more simple language, boredom makes us think about the core, about the substantial: life, love, movements, actions, feelings, death, loved ones, hate, beauty, ugliness, freedom, justice, sex…. Boredom makes us think about the existence… about the being!

I wish you all a lot of boredom!

30 thoughts on “I wish you all a lot of boredom”

  1. “Boredom is troublesome because it makes our mind wander. ”
    “Boredom makes us think about the existence… about the being!”

    Yes. An altered state of consciousness; meditative, associative.

    As a programmer I need to develop ideas for any problem that people throw at me, as fast as possible – because time that I lose in the beginning will be missing in the end.

    So my technique for overcoming writers block is to write down EVERYTHING in long nested lists. (Use an outliner. Look at Wittgenstein’s TRACTATUS which is such a huge nested list. A simple outliner: Use notepad++ , call your file xxx.py ; notepad++ will then allow you to fold indented text. Example
    -What should I do
    -go swimming
    -clean the kitchen
    -clean the floor
    -clean the windows
    -go shopping
    The imported thing is that subsections can be folded at will. Making LOOONG lists manageable.

    There are other structures I use (and might publish programs for that); but this is the simplest one. You will find that working with such a structure brings forth endless associations and turns a meditative flow of ideas into something that can later be exploited.

    (Also, outlining allows to push blocks deeper into the hierarchy if they are identified as less relevant; in the case of my notepad++ application, by indenting a block more…)

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  2. Well unfortunately wordpress removed the indentations from my example list… try again…
    -What should I do
    –go swimming
    –clean the kitchen
    —clean the floor
    —clean the windows
    -go shopping

    In notepad++, use spaces or tabs instead.

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  3. Sometimes, when it happens that I don’t know what to write, then I rest for a while, a day, two days, a week, a month…time is not the question in this, until I finally come to some valuable and interesting idea that I want to be written and saved for the future generations. And yes, silence is the key element in becoming a wiser human…

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  4. This is a beautiful connection: You (being from Lebanon if I remember correctly from your comment on another blog) write about Heidegger who did teach and reside in the town I was born and live in; and my mother did shoot a portrait-photo for the local newspaper of him at his home.

    This article is really interesting because you describe a major point in our evolution:
    First trillions of years minerals had to form, then for billions of yers, life, then for millions of years humans, then for thousands of years our cultures; and in the hundred of years of our existence the evolution also does speed up, because the first half evolves very slow in trial and error until at one point we realise that our intellect’s poking around in reality can be accelerated multifold by the means of accessing inner truths by reflection, contemplation and meditation.

    So this means that you literally are on the verge of ascension into the spiritual realm – but in opposition to many who already underwent esoteric courses you literally own the access to reflection and contemplation, because you worked it out yourself.
    And as for meditation: I wrote an article about here:

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    1. Your mum is lucky ! And so are you! He is still considered the biggest philosopher of the 20th century. Anyway german philosophers rock!

      Thank you for your comment and yes I am from Lebanon.

      I will check your post later. Thank you

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      1. I am a German and philosophising, hence you can call me ‘the rock’ 😀
        I guess you know much more about Germany than me about your beautiful country.
        Lebanon must be one of those rare countries where East meets West and northern culture ancient Egyptian wisdom. This may give you a very unique global perspective ^^
        I sincerely hope that your country is not burdened much longer by all the troubles in the middle east!

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      2. I love Germany, been there 3 times.And I have german friends too.
        When I studied philosophy I got to know more about Germany through german philosophers from a different perspective, besides nazism and wars.
        Lebanon is a mix of many things, that is true and the land of troubles lol. Thank you for your nice words

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      3. Wow! I would not have guessed that you have the means to travel so much.
        In another post of yours an English Professor invited you many times to London,
        so I am hesitant to dish out more invitations; but since you mentioned it:
        If you ever want to see the Black Forest I can tell you things to see (Can’t put you and your spouse up unfortunately, because I only live in a tiny one-bedroom apartment, but at least I can look for a cheap place and walk with the both of you through the city for a day, show you places to go together for a few more days and have a few drinks with you as long as you stay.)
        The wife of a friend of mine has a few Lebanese friends she visits often, so maybe she also could be an asset for you.
        Seems your blog gets you around in the world 😉

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      4. Lol.. that’s really tempting to see the Black Forest i would love to! Thank you so much for your invitation and i wish i could say yes now but unfortunately I will not be able to make it before I don’t know when. We are going through a severe financial crisis over here so..


      5. I didn’t like your comment, because that would mean that I like your financial crisis ^^
        It gives me an uncomfortable feeling that your country is in turmoil, because I feel that the West played a big part in it and our wealth is ensured by destabilising your region.
        (At least the both of us have nothing to do with it)
        Wishing you and your family (up & down) all the best!
        (who knows what life throws at you – things could turn around in a big way at any time)

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      6. I didn’t mean to offend you in any way in my comment and if I did, I apologise for it. I was just telling why I couldn’t make it to your country soon.
        Obviously people have nothing to do with it. It is international affairs and geopolitics.

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      7. Of course you didn’t offend me in the least. How could you, by merely stating your truth?
        And yes, I also see it like you that individuals are not to be blamed but the major politicians.

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    2. I read your post on your website.

      1st of all, Amar in arabic has 2 meanings: the moon and beautiful. to us the moon is beautiful. so when we call someone Amar, it means we find them beautiful. i know you guys over there you find it ugly. that being said, i believe you are beautiful.

      the iceberg image has always been used to explain subconsciousness, and the most famous one was Freud’s.

      i am sure you know that the word meditation in english doesn’t give the same meaning of the sanskrit word. meditation is about watching yourself, your thoughts, your body just like the picture of city on your post.

      i am saying this because i am happy you said it. a lot of meditators talk about controlling thoughts etc. which is not really faithful to the original concept of meditation.

      thank you for your beautiful work and thank you for making my soul smile 🙂

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      1. Huh, I am stunned about your thought- and careful response hardly anyone bothers to give!
        I answer all your points one by one: Amar was actually the name given to me by the meditation-yoga-teacher who did teach the kriya I do, but I never used it, because spiritual names gave me a cult-like feeling.
        Just recently I used it on the blog, because my previous screen-name was “sitting bull” (meditating taurus 😉 but I thought that it would be more adequate. (Maybe I already did mention this in the mail I wrote to you yesterday.)
        Your explanation about the moon is very beautiful, all I heard so far was something like “immortal” (maybe they meant in a sense of the soul which would connect to the moon’s cycle).

        About the moon: I have to say I never heard anyone finding that ugly, so I don’t know how you can think that.
        The worst I see is that most people don’t care much about the moon, but I personally love it like a manifestation of serenity.

        I am certain that I did pick up the ice-berg image from older comparisons (at least subconsciously) and think that we mostly do. The more I write the more I try not to simply copy other people’s ideas but to create my own. That’s how I use the blog as a sandbox to practice finding my own writing style.

        Having not read much of your blog I underestimated your knowledge about meditation – it seems that you can teach me valuable informations. Thank you. I didn’t know about the aspect of observation which would coincidentally tie in with the last article about observation of my blog you liked .

        The reason why I was focussing on the word middle is because that article actually did build up to the better half of this article: https://sodarshanchakrakriya.com/2018/06/28/keys-to-understanding-the-universe-2-left-up-down-right/
        (don’t worry after that one I won’t push more onto you, it just came up now).

        I really appreciate how humble you did correct me in subtle ways when most others would have made it a point to portrait themselves as competent in that matter.
        Maybe my assessment that you were on the verge of diving into the spiritual world was wrong,
        or maybe not, because you just are in the process of spiralling up one level higher.

        It is a true pleasure to have such a subtle communication with you and I am glad that I coincidentally picked you to respond to within the masses of other comments I read on other blogs.

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      2. Thank you for your sweet words, you made my day 😊 !
        I like to learn more about meditation because all this field of the brain, the mind, wavelinks, energy etc.. not only interests me, but I think it is all that really matters to go through life.
        That being said I do meditation and yoga and I workout a lot, trying new styles and types, because I love what it does to the brain.
        I heard about Kriya once through a man I met who goes back and forth to India to study it. I understood back then about energies in places and houses and in people. I wouldve loved it to know more, from an intellectual point of view maybe. And that is the influence of philosophy on me 🙈
        So, I am very glad I have met you and I will dig deeper into your website.
        Lastly, the moon for average European people is not beautiful. Only Mediterranean european like it. If you like it, that is because you are different.
        Wish you a great day ❤

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      3. Understanding the universe 2.. what a story! most surprising element was the nazi flag! I am not sure i grasped everything i read except for the indian part and the zoroastrian one. beautiful!
        i am still trying to contact u on your website but i have troubles doing so. probably i did something stupid in my subscriptions

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      4. I am happy that I got you excited, May-Lynn!
        (That article took me I think two years to compile – whenever I wanted to post it I felt that it was not right yet.)

        Abut contacting – recently I did change the design of my blot 3 times because I upgraded two steps in WP and then downgraded one step again. So it is likely that any issues you have come from my fiddling around with it.
        Or as people often say when they split up: “It’s not you, it’s me!” 😉
        However, I did post a test-comment and contact and both worked.
        Plus, I did actually write a mail to your yahoo address and am not even certain if you got that one.

        This made me think that it is probably best for you to use a contact form for two reasons:
        1. It only directs to the mailaddress you currently use, and more importantly
        2. It protects you from spammers grabbing your mailadresses (especially as you did put 3 of them at once into your contact side.

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  5. This is great meeting you because I currently am observing how my meditation-yoga does change me,
    so I think that we both together could be a good team in finding out more about it.
    Since you want to dig further into my website the shortcut is to simply continue the series with the 2 articles I mentioned above because they are a summary of all methods which seem to alter the mind, and I will finish that of by writing how I do implement them in my practice and also will write one in response to your other article about collapsology.

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