The avocado wit from the avocado woe


The word “addiction” is always linked to a bad habit: drugs, booze, smoking etc. So it never occurred to me that someone can in fact be addicted to avocados!

What follows is not another speech on the health benefits of avocados, since we are permanently bombed with such infos everywhere. According to health advocates, if we have to be “healthy”, we end up eating all day, all kind of fresh fruits, dried fruits, sun kissed fruits, red fruits, green fruits, yelow fruits, ¬†local fruits, ¬†exotic fruits.. In other words, a complete mayhem of fruits and vegetables.

It all began this year with avocado cocktails tasting, a kind of avocado smoothie with honey, decorated with raw cashew nuts and fresh fruits… a massive “pint” of all this, filled with hundred calories.. It was so good! Heavenly good! A taste of food orgasm, melting in my mouth, waking up my senses (does it sound like an ice cream advertising company? ) invading my stomach (yummi) and my soul, making my heart smile with pride, honour, dignity and self-esteem! Oh yes, avocado is good for self-esteem, good for the body (a wink to health advocates), good for humans, good for elephants, good for octopuses (what on earth? an octopus ?)!

Happiness is chemistry, as much as sadness is.. Being addicted to happiness, we become addicted to chemicals, the good ones and the bad ones. Forget the bad ones (if you can) avocados are a source of joy! Because there is nothing, not a single virtue, not a single action or word, not a single feeling that are not fundamentally a chemical combination of hormones, pheromones, enzymes, synapses. Again forget poetry and big fat words, love your body and treat it well, for it is the flesh of the world!

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