Easy like sunday morning

There is nothing more captivating to the senses than the observation of a nature’s scenery. The colours and smell of flowers, the 50 shades of green, birds singing, rooster’s screaming from the top of its lungs, a gentle breeze and a slightly foggy sky. Amidst this peaceful break, the cat hunted an unlucky lezard and ate it in front of me, the same lézard which had probably eaten some insects before.

These are few manifestations of the immanent life in all of us (humans, animals, plants) driven by the desire to survive, for our survival is linked to a balance set by life itself. Breaking the cycle of nature means breaking the logic of life and the intelligence of what is mighty and somehow eternal, nature, eternal in its becoming and transformation, eternal with its desire for survival, eternal in taking different shapes and figures, eternal desire of desire, eternal love… in other words the conatus as Spinoza said it.

Easy like sunday morning is an easy, short meditation on the simplicity and the complication of life.. it takes few minutes to realise it…

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