Writing… and why I stopped it for a while

Writing is about inventing something new, as in a life, an existence, a becoming. For the becoming is creativity, a change, becoming other, creating hope for us in this world we live in. Art, philosophy, mysticism have a responsibility: the becoming of our societies!

I wrote this small paragraph the day I started this blog in June 2016, about philosophy in simple words or light philosophy, about philosophical writings for everyone with a purpose: to make myself heard, to make the romantics like me heard, to make misfits heard, to make anyone who doesn’t agree with the mainstream heard. Unfortunately, since 2016 the world hasn’t altered much, not to say it has gotten crazier. The becomings I mentioned earlier which we can see are about crisis: wars, violence, poverty, migration, racism etc. Something that made me stop writing for a long time, just because, as Charles Bukowski said it, if writing doesn’t roar out of your soul then don’t write. I found this video with his voice about being a writer:


It just roared now… and I don’t know why it did. I wish my writing desires would be more roaring but I am on those silent writers, and this can only make sense to writers who can go for a long time without any inspiration. If writing is inventing something new, today I didn’t invent anything, I didn’t write. The word, that precise word is yet to come!

46 thoughts on “Writing… and why I stopped it for a while”

  1. Thanks for visiting Bookshelf, dedicated to people like you who subscribe to Socrates’ belief that “the unexamined life is not worth living.” And thanks for following Bookshelf. I enjoyed reading some of your posts. You might enjoy my son’s blog, Neologikon (https://neologikonblog.wordpress.com) that focuses on philosophy. He is currently a sophomore in high school. Would be curious to hear what you think. Cheers. Alex

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  2. Writing is not only putting some words on a piece of paper (or computer screen), or putting your toughs that everybody can see them, it’s about changing the world, piece by piece, time after time, slowly…

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  3. It’s a chore to keep churning out new stuff to write and think about, but that’s writing. No everything that we put down is wonderful prose. Indeed, much is unpolished crap, but it’s a craft and a skill. And here is our workshop.

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    1. True, Rupika, the youtube link is outdated (and btw, so is at least the first paragraph of your profile 😉

      And since I am here, Maylinno: I think as long as we aren’t professional writers it is best not to force it.
      The energy of the heart goes “boom, boom” {and then comes a long silence}
      and after that break heart-driven ideas leep forward all in a sudden again with the next beats.
      Lovely blog you have 😉

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      1. I just shared as I was trying to see the link – ofcourse we share with the idea and love of sharing and writing. All of this is an expression of self ….. so let there be more of that …… wishing you the best and thanks for appreciating:)

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  4. Even when the appetite is jaded, one must eat.
    Philosophers must think, and writers write.

    Inspiration can be like waiting for your bus:
    if it doesn’t come on time,
    try walking to the next stop. 😉

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  5. “If writing is inventing something new, today I didn’t invent anything, I didn’t write. The word, that precise word is yet to come!”
    Very interesting! Making me rethink my notion of what it means to write. I wish the link to the video would work! ;(

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  6. These becomings are something you must get used to, as your system is collapsing, as ours did. To live here in the East of Danube is to live amidst the ruins…Ultimately, just remember – James Joyce still kept writing even during World War I. For he had to. And Ulysses was born…
    I tend to write ridicoulous treaties on stuff as taxation, state collapse, cigarettes, gambling, when i am not re-reading H.P. Lovecraft… i found this place by chance and made a site a few days ago just for the hell of it. Because nobody here cares, or can care about philosophy… You have to keep living.To survive. It relaxes me to occasionaly write. And to read. No one reads it so it is like my own hidden asylum… it’s wonderful.
    You tend to write, so i tend to read. And you did invent something. You invented my own amusement, after all, you gave me a good thought to think about.
    “If writing is inventing something new, today i haven’t invented anything.”


    1. Thank you for your beautiful words. As you said, one can not stop because “the show must go on”.

      The East of Danube is a romantic way to say that I live in the Middle East, where every daily action is a resilience act.

      I am glad that you enjoyed my post and I enjoyed reading your comment.

      Keep safe!


      1. Thanks friend. If you like philosophy, poetry, strange writing, hop on over here at makrothumian. wordpress. com. and start reading. I am currently into philosophy, but will start posting some poetry soon.

        Don’t be disappointed if life feels harsh and unforgiving. This is an age of great dissolusion, as the Soviets fell, so too will new nations. All we can do is live in the time we were born.

        Keep safe, friend. And write more, you’re quite fun to read.

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