Is it the end of the office ?

For the last hundred years or more, an office was a narrow room with little furnitures, apart from a desk, chairs and maybe bookshelves, where work was done. Since the pandemic broke through, the “office” became the computer.

Work per se changed its rules. It has been stretched through longer hours, in front of a screen; a computer placed anywhere but in a conventional office.

The new normal forced people to live differently. Some liked it some didn’t. Some looked forward to go back to the office, others dreaded that moment. Lockdowns may come back again with the rise of corona cases. Will we wear the mask for few years ahead?

The striking point in all this is the unnatural life humanly speaking due to social or physical distancing. Humans are political and social animals by nature said Aristotle. This sentence has never been more accurate than these days.

Therefore, is it the end of the office? Is it the end of work and social life as we have known it?