Weight loss misconception

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Weight loss is always trendy. Experts speak about fat loss (and not weight loss).

Fat is a stored energy. The increase of the body fat percentage is a symptom or an indicator of an underlying cause.

The underlying cause is simply the non utilisation of energy which ended up being stored.

In other words, the real underlying cause is a weak muscle.

Therefore, instead of preaching weight loss (or fat loss) which is everywhere on social media, the focus should be on muscle strengthening.

Pump that muscle and let it take care of body fat.

Muscles are the anti ageing (or ageing gracefully) weapon!

Do you know about the myth of multi tasking?

How many different apps do you have open on your phone right now? How many tabs on your internet browser? And how many different e-mail threads and Facebook messages? If you’re like most people, you probably have a lot of each of these – too many, in fact. The myth of multitasking has seeped into […]

Do you know about the myth of multi tasking?

Week 2 – “It’s All In Your Head” by Michael Södermalm

A Swedish book was on my list for this week but unfortunately, it doesn’t exist in English. Therefore, I will do my best to share the essence of it and make you feel like you’ve read it. Instead of doing a traditional summary of the book, I will simply take out parts from every chapter […]

Week 2 – “It’s All In Your Head” by Michael Södermalm

“A Revelation Didn’t Change Your Life. Your Environment Did.”

Brianna Wiest discusses the idea of the real cause behind the will of changing habits and life in general.

She found, through her experience in decluttering and organizing her home, that what triggered all this was a mimetic desire to adapt to her environment.

Therefore she added that what brings change to one’s life is a shift in their environment.

I invite you to read her post to understand her quest for wellbeing 👇

“A Revelation Didn’t Change Your Life. Your Environment Did.” by Brianna Wiest https://link.medium.com/RvJhMD4Kj3

How to face an economic crisis


Writing in times of trouble can be hard.  As my country is going through an economic crisis, I thought I should be writing about ways to face it. I hope none of you would ever go through this. However if you do, here are some tips I found useful.

  • Create a budget plan: it can be weekly, monthly or yearly, concerning your spending decisions on important and necessary stuff. It is crucial to track your expenses to see how much and where you spend your money.
  • Set your priorities and spend accordingly.
  • Change your way of living: eat less outside because we all know it can be pricey; shop less on unnecessary stuff and stick on needs and not on desires. In other words, switch on the survival mode.
  • Maximize your liquid savings and don’t invest in high-risk investments.
  • Pay your debts. 
  • Keep up with routine maintenance: whether it is a medical routine or a mechanical one, keeping your components on good conditions will help you save money. Dealing with the problem when it is small is way better then facing a major disruption.

These are some few helpful tips among many others. I am no financial expert but one can learn a lot from their own experience. If you have other tips, I would love to read these in the comment box below.

Until then, be creative and legendary!