Beirut, the aftermath V

Two weeks passed by since the explosion took place. Thankfully, we received a lot of help from all over the world. Many experts and specialists are still here inspecting, helping, working with locals. Beirut narrow streets are over crowded.

Below some more pictures of the aftermath.

Photography by @dvjkaa

Can’t get enough of the port!
This is what used to be a building of fancy apartments. 


A traditional Lebanese house turned into a restaurant. These 100 years old buildings are threatened of collapsing. 
On a lighter note, the flower eye man amidst a protest in downtown Beirut. 

Beirut, the aftermath IV

Broken window glasses!

What can I say about the general feeling? It is a mix of entangled feelings that words can’t sum up: despair, depression, sadness, fear, anxiety, frustration… Sometimes words are useless.

This explosion is beyond any war. As war people ourselves, we know that any war takes time to destroy a city. Meanwhile, people escape or know what to do because we are used to deal with troubles. However, this explosion destroyed half of the city in minutes. It swiped up lives, houses, families, memories and future plans.

Below are some photos of the broken Beirut.

Photography by @dvjkaa

Broken houses, broken lives!
I wonder what this was exactly before the explosion.
Probably, a toilet door in a pub.
It was a pub. 
View from above of destruction after debris were cleaned away. 


Beirut, the aftermath I

I don’t know the author of these beautiful words but what they say is very accurate. This is the Beirut experience!

Almost 300000 homeless families, 200 dead, many missing (we don’t know their exact number), 5000 injured. I tried to sum up the effect of the stories in the pictures below.

Photography by @dvjkaa

What’s left of the Beirut port and the grain containers, the silos. 
What used to be fancy buildings with a great view on the sea
Looks like a tomb with red flowers on it!
somewhere, old buildings endangered of collapsing
The Forum of Beirut where exhibitions and concerts used to be held

Beirut, before and after the explosion in pictures

I will dedicate this month’s posts to Beirut and it will be only photography. As I said it in my previous post, words are useless. This time they really are.

Thank you to all of you who sent me messages to ask about me. I can never be grateful enough. Please stay safe.

Beirut Lebanon Port - Containers And Cranes. Image shot 1995. Exact date unknown.
 Beirut Lebanon Port  before the explosion
The three explosions
Beirut port after the explosion
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aerial photo of the aftermath