La métaphysique est-elle la philosophie première?

La métaphysique est une branche majeure de la philosophie. Elle concerne l’existence et la nature des choses qui existent. Elle concerne des questions telles que : Quel est le sens de la vie ?, Le monde existe-t-il vraiment ?, Dieu existe-t-il ? . Nombreux sont ceux qui considèrent la métaphysique comme “la première philosophie”. Mais […]

La métaphysique est-elle la philosophie première?

What ancient Greek philosophers feared

Plato, in his book The Republic, criticized all political regimes. But mostly he feared the outcome of democracy as a tyranny.

Democracy, known as people’s government, is already biased in Plato’s book. Since they are deeply manipulated by sophists and politicians, their reign would necessarily include manipulation. Alongside this vicious nature of democracy, comes the principle of equality and freedom of opinions. This allows the competent and the incompetent to express themselves equally. This will create chaos later on in the democratic life.

The outcome of democracy would lead to tyranny as people’s choice to bring order back in society and politics.

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