Ballistic and grind in kettlebell workouts and in philosophy.

The concept of ballistic can be defined as powerful energy. Think about the kettlebell (KB) swing, slamming a heavy object or sprinting. The ballistic KB exercices are:

  • The swing
  • The swing clean and press
  • The snatch

The ballistic concept in fitness can be transcribed into passion in philosophy. Think about Nietzsche for example: all his writings show a lot of power and passion. It is this fiery unstoppable hyperactive mind that motivate the whole world.

The grind concept in fitness is another concept of power. It is a slow controlled movement, just like the deep thinking constructing mind. The grind movement can be low impact if done without equipment. The KB grind exercises are:

  • The KB squat
  • The Turkish get up

One can say that philosophy is more of a grind type of thinking because it is a deep thinking, therefore slow. Think about Plato whose later work was different from the early one. Think about Kant, the heavy grinder philosopher and one of the greatest. However, ballistic and grind go hand in hand because they achieve an intellectual and a conceptual equilibrium.

Life is pendulum swinging from ballisyic to grind. It isn’t odd to compare philosophy to life; nor it is odd that kettlebellers are so passionate about their workouts because KB workouts mimic physical life.