Living with uncertainty.

Since the breakthrough of covid19 and the world has been upside down. Everywhere people tried to improvise and to adapt; proving that living is a permanent improvisation.

But why do we find it difficult to adapt to unexpected and unplanned events? Who/what is to blame for this anxiety?

Life is lived daily with many small improvisations that are not perceived as a big deal. Until a big event takes place like falling in love, the death of a dear one, speaking in public etc. These events show us how unprepared we are.

So, improvisation is simultaneously the most natural and the most frightening act. It is so because we have been trained for centuries to think and act rationally. This is the reason why we are afraid of sudden changes. Where to fit them in our well organized lives?

Perhaps, improvisation needs less rationality and more courage and self-confidence. I would definitely pick Jack Kerouac over Rene Descartes.