life is a precipice!

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As I read the word “precipice” on the daily prompt, I couldn’t help eating a chocolate egg. The link between eating chocolate and the precipice relies on the fact that eating chocolate, while I am on a diet, is choosing to jump into the pleasurable precipice. And that’s life: an ongoing precipice. Always having to make choices and take actions… or not. regretting an action or regretting no to make any action. Life is exciting and living is always edgy. I have learnt this lesson the hard way.

Being born in a war zone, and living half of my life under bombs, in Lebanon, I have come to learn that living is surviving. In the survival mode, everything is a precipice but one must take the risk, walk the walk and go on. The price of it? Life or death. There is always a kind of pleasure in the free fall!



Gossiping in the hospital 

Gossiping, as bla bla bla talk, is an emptiness filling, people can’t remain silent for too long, hence the difficulty of meditation. As silence is energy (at least in the eastern philosophy), I wonder where talkative people get their energy from and why do they speak that much. Sometimes I ask myself this question, for I am a teacher, going tired to class and ending up speaking for hours! Besides that I am paid to speak and besides the constant social media harassment and communication forcing, why is their a need to share stories, sometimes stupid ones? In a noisy world where one needs to lock oneself in a bedroom to be silent  (unless one lives in a big city), why isn’t all the outside agitation enough? 

As I was sitting in the hospital cafétéria,  two women were sitting nearby and one of them was endlessly talking; from her favourite meal to the story of her life, all this in a loud pitch (so I heard the whole conversation but I wasn’t suppose to), are we looking after all for visibility and recognition? For what and how? Even for ditching private lives in public? Even for public figures, artists, politicians, tweeting? So all this is the new way to deal with things and everything posted is ok?

Back to the hospital. The talkative woman probably took some weight off her chest. Her mate maybe wanted to give her support. All this is fine. But me? I was confused: I didn’t want to listen but I did! Although, speaking in a loud voice would suggest that this woman wanted everybody to hear her story, just like posting a picture on social media so everyone can see it. Again, is this all ok and acceptable?
Informations, opinions, speeches, lies, truths, elections, votes… they are all the same. If any of these could change the world, they would have been stopped!

What is Ashtanga Yoga, Mysore Style?

A cleat written blog about the definition of Ashtanga yoga

Yoga in India

At the KPJAYI Yoga Shala, Mysore India. Photo Credit: Coni Hörler


“Yoga is 99 percent practice and one percent theory.” – Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

The pioneer of Ashtanga Yoga was yoga master Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (1915-2009) who was twelve years old when he first started learning from his teacher Krishnamacharya. In 1948, he founded the Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore, South India. This style of yoga has spread all over the world, providing a blueprint for many of the flowing Vinyasa yoga styles. Today, Jois’ grandson Sharath manages the institute in his grandfather’s spirit, and it is still a magnet that draws many “ashtangis” dedicated to this particular tradition practised in the so-called Mysore style.


Traditionally, the word Ashtanga stood for the “eight-fold path” of yoga as coined by the philosopher Patanjali in his classical “Yoga Sutras”. Ever since Pattabhi Jois called his yoga practice…

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The Flow

Breathing is a flow. Running blood is a flow. Fluids are a flow. The universe’s birth and death are a flow. Dancing is a flow. Movement is a flow. Water is a flow. Swimming is a flow. Waves are a flow. The body is a flow. Life runs in and out. The world circulates in a cyclic stream. Planets and stars gush forth, explode and fade out.

Hear the OM of the universe crossing millenia. Here lies the 5th dimension. When one feels as a floating particle in the universal dance (physicists would not disagree on this). The body doesn’t exist, only its energy and perception do. Where science, spirituality and poetry meet lies the truth of our existence: perception, impression, sensation, thoughts, consciousness (I’m referring mostly to empiricist philosophers such as Berkeley and Hume). Then inner perception, meditation, universal connection, higher consciousness. Floating again and again in all directions.

In the esoteric spirituality, the 5th dimension is a state of universal consciousness. When someone reaches this dimension (we are mostly on the 3d one), one would feel permanent peace, bliss, love and joy, naturally and effortlessly. People would immediately see themselves in every being, whether humans or animals, with empathy. The mind is peaceful and all negative thoughts are flushed out. In this spiritual universal flow, the perception of time is different (from the one in 3d). Time is slow. The mind doesn’t perceive the time of the watch which seems to be fast. Time in the universal scale flows differently.

A person who reaches the 5th dimension is on intuitive knowing. Truth can be recognised based on how the information resonates, as everything is a flow including our thoughts.

Open your hips and let it flow!

Banksy Opened His Own Hotel

Beautiful mural painting


The British legendary street artist Banksy just finished his new project. This time it is a nine room hotel called “The Walled Off Hotel” in Bethlehem, Palestine – very close from a stretch of the controversial West Bank barrier which has been heavily decorated by artists.

“The Walled Off Hotel” includes several murals and installation by Banksy that can be found in several rooms such as the “Presidential Suite” or “Room With A View”. If you are on a budget, bunk beds are also available for just £30 a night.
Installations includes “Out of Service”, walled-off lift at Banksy’s hotel or “The worst view in the world” as described by the man himself about the view from his rooms.
On view is also a small museum where you will find a mannequin showing the signature of the Balfour declaration.*

rooms_artist03_z ~ By Banksy ~ All photos via

banksy-heart ~ By Banksy ~ All photos via

rooms_presidential_05_z ~ By…

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The Price of being a humanitarian volunteer

Very touching!


When I spent another three weeks on the rescue vessel Aquarius during winter time, christmas and new year, i felt doing the right thing – again. People from everywhere have sent me messages saying “respect” and “so good that you do this”.

Respect for what, I ask myself. Respect, that somebody does something, they feel needed to do? Respect for something, they would like to do, but would never do? Respect for giving up your own life a bit to save those, some even maybe do not want really to have in their countries? I do not know.

Respect is for the team I was working with, because mainly they do the rescue work. Staying for more than 12 hours permanently under stress and rescue one by one out of an overcrowded rubber or wooden boat on a wavy, dangerous Mediterranean Sea until everybody is safe on board the Aquarius. And…

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