The Price of being a humanitarian volunteer

Very touching!


When I spent another three weeks on the rescue vessel Aquarius during winter time, christmas and new year, i felt doing the right thing – again. People from everywhere have sent me messages saying “respect” and “so good that you do this”.

Respect for what, I ask myself. Respect, that somebody does something, they feel needed to do? Respect for something, they would like to do, but would never do? Respect for giving up your own life a bit to save those, some even maybe do not want really to have in their countries? I do not know.

Respect is for the team I was working with, because mainly they do the rescue work. Staying for more than 12 hours permanently under stress and rescue one by one out of an overcrowded rubber or wooden boat on a wavy, dangerous Mediterranean Sea until everybody is safe on board the Aquarius. And…

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Human figures – figured humans


Is it not the single human that counts? YES, it is – every single she and he does!

11.636 – on board Aquarius ( since February 2016 ).

7.502 – rescued by SAR team of Aquarius.

4.134 – transferred to the Aquarius.

9.569 – men.

2.067 – women.

1.621 – minors, under 18 years old.

1.216 – minors traveling alone.

106 – under the age of 5.

3 – babies born on the Aquarius.

38 – dead brought on board.

5000+ – died on Mediterranean in 2016.

11.000 – Euro cost per day rescue with Aquarius – funds urgently needed.

100% – commitment of all teams on board.

For donations visit .

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Philosophy of a beginning new 2017


When a father holds his young child in fear above him, holding him or her, having horrific hours behind, being on a dark brutal sea in winter, surrounded by humans who also only want to survive… a young baby without any protection but the hands of his/her father holding, hoping, him hoping, trying to save this young human, in a deadly overcrowded rubber boat…

That is the beginning of 2017. How I saw it. And how I think about it. After only three days in this young year. Fits somehow: Young baby. Young year. Young rescue season. Young philosophy of this year, of a beginning, or.., but anyway new year 2017…

Is it something bad, that these humans had to suffer almost to death in Libya before they would die on the Mediterranean Sea but then got rescued and saved form all that? Or is it good, that they had…

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Turkmenistani Horse: The World’s Loveliest Breed.



Akhal-teke horse

Horses have existed alongside humans for centuries, and the domesticated animals are undoubtedly amazing creatures. Beautiful as they are, one may choose to say that horses are the loveliest of all animals.

People admire horses for different reasons – they have intelligent eyes, walk majestically, and possess great strength as well as speed.

Akhal-teke horse

Most rare breeds of horses are considered as raw gold, especially the Ankha-Teke breed, also known as the Turkmenistani horse.

A lot of people would agree that the Turkmenistani horse is the world’s loveliest breed. They are not only beautiful but have very shiny and metallic coats. The horses can be described as catchy though quite unusual.


Scientists believe the golden coat reflects and retracts lights, just like metals, due to their genetic makeup.

The Ankha-Teke breed [ is also said to be sporty, and performs well as a race horse.


Known in China as “horses from heaven,”…

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Modest sketches!

One of my hobbies I discovered lately: sketches. My favourite is city sketches, houses, architecture sketches. Maybe it comes from being an urban person. I just love cities. But I am not an artist and I don’t know how to draw. Drawing is all about perspectives and shadows but I have no clue of this. I draw what I see and my drawings look like baby sketches. It is fun!

This sketch below was done in Montparnasse, in Paris, as I was sitting in a café, windy and cold day. In Paris, it always feels like singing with Edith Piaff “Sous le ciel de Paris”:

This sketch is about East of Berlin, a city I absolutely love, for the energetic and coolness vibe of it:

The third sketch is a house I saw nearby where I live in Beirut. I drew what I recalled of it

Nothing philosophical about this post!

The Dark Side

Anti matter, dark energy… a fascinating read!

Rationalising The Universe

Before we start i’d just like to apologise for our low activity on Rationalising the Universe as of late – given the Christmas period we’ve both been rather busy with family festivities but we’re about to jump back on the science wagon with full force. I hope everybody had a very merry Christmas!

Today we venture to the dark side in order to encounter the two most mysterious and shady characters in our universe: dark matter and dark energy.

Dark matter was first identified as the “missing mass” in galaxies and clusters required to explain their kinematic properties. The reason it is called ‘dark’ is because the matter does not emit or interact at all with electromagnetic radiation (such as light) it is therefore invisible to the entire electromagnetic spectrum. We cannot see it in visible, we cannot see it in infrared, we cannot see it period. Observations of the…

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Man Dangerously Drives Through Airport Terminal To The Departure Gate, Claims He Did It For Love.

Crazy russian love!


You probably read about some the world’s evergreen love stories; Romeo and Juliet, Paris and Helen of Troy as well as Samson and Delilah. Love hurts, but sometimes it feels good even with the pains.

This is the story of a man who didn’t kill for love but risked his life and those of other people to prove a point.

A 40-year-old man named Ruslan Nurtdinov, the “most romantic Russian ever,” dangerously drove his car through an airport terminal until he reached the departure gate.

The man was heading to a railway station located inside the airport.

Nurtdinov wasn’t fazed by the dangers of his action. He was far from realizing that he could have been shot by airport security or worse still, crashed into planes.

An official statement from the Kazan airport management said the Russian driver was drunk as he rammed his car through the terminal’s door and…

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20 miles off Libya at 06:00 AM

Waiting and waiting in the sea for saving people!


Days start early here on Sea, the Mediterranean Sea in front of Libya. We are 20 miles off the coast, West of Tripoli. Around 6 o´clock in the morning the first Search and Rescue (SAR) Team member starts the first watch-shift. Watching means searching using binoculars. Not an easy task as the rescue vessel Aquarius is moving up and down, the horizon is far, we can see max 8 miles.

Watching means, trying to spot these rubber boats people are forced into trying to survive a deadly crossing of the Mediterranean Sea. To be honest, these overcrowded 20 meter plastic boats have not a single chance to make it over. Zero. It is a forced, even often paid try into death. Drowning. Killing Sea. Criminals, the smugglers, do not care. Human traffickers also not really, although their criminal mind is already in Europe with hope to “receive” their “human cargo”…

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