Don’t study philosophy until you know this!

Philosophy is such a vast major that no one can call themselves masters. It is so intelligent and so deep, it can become easily overwhelming. Faint at heart (yes heart and not mind) must step away.

Here is a breakdown of the emotional and the intellectual difficulties during the first three years of the major or the equivalent of the BA.

  • The first year is, as aforementioned, overwhelming; solely passionate curious students appreciate it
  • The second year can be heavy. Usually, people start to think differently, taking philosophy inward and go through critical thinking of themselves. It can be an identity crisis.
  • The third year (the equivalent of the B.A in some educational programs) is decisive. Some people shift majors after the B.A while others enrol in masters and PhD.

Majoring in philosophy is a great endeavour even for those who decide to shift majors. Because of its deep thinking and its intellectual gymnastic, a major in philosophy makes other majors very easy. However, it needs patience, resilience and curiosity.