The dilemma of teaching (philosophy) online

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Too bad we didn’t see it coming and we didn’t prepare ourselves. Little did we know that maybe current educational systems needed to change?

Teaching philosophy online to sophomores isn’t an easy task. Philosophy can’t be taught like any other applicable discipline with formulas.

Philosophy has no formulas.

Philosophy is a long process; hence it’s long term effect.

This characteristic to philosophy push people to ask this irrelevant question:

Is philosophy efficient?

My answer is:

No; it is productive!

5 thoughts on “The dilemma of teaching (philosophy) online”

  1. I really enjoy learning philosophy and am trying to study the Stoics on my own through books mostly. With my philosophy discussion groups one can’t help but learn because we are challenged buy each others’ insights and perceptions. It is great to see those ‘aha’ moments. I have seen some people change quite a bit in their outlooks over the last 4 or so years. I don’t consider that I teach but we just share ideas 🙂

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    1. Sharing ideas is a teaching and a learning process. It is the philosophical method, if one can talk about a method in philosophy. I am glad you enjoy it.
      As for the Stoics, they are my life coaches, especially Seneca!

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  2. 😝. Well, I’d say that it’s productive because it is efficient. Interesting though that philosophy Could move out of the assumed presence of thinkers, that is, their whole body present, whether it be assumed in the paper, or assumed in the regular interaction of human beings, right now really all we have is “Talking Heads”.

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    1. like teaching philosophy over zoom is literally just a bunch of Talking Heads talking to each other. Like philosophy only has to do with the head now while you’re teaching it to a bunch of faces. It would be difficult to move out of that paradigm that all we are talking about is the way that we are thinking about things.

      Sense, of course, I view philosophy as involving more than just “The mind”.

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