Do you know about the myth of multi tasking?

How many different apps do you have open on your phone right now? How many tabs on your internet browser? And how many different e-mail threads and Facebook messages? If you’re like most people, you probably have a lot of each of these – too many, in fact. The myth of multitasking has seeped into […]

Do you know about the myth of multi tasking?

7 thoughts on “Do you know about the myth of multi tasking?”

  1. I am puzzled why people like reblogs.
    The thing is that they usually don’t bother writing comments because a little like-click is much easier,
    but then they like the beginning of an article from which they are directed away from when they click on your reblog-link.
    I strongly doubt that those people purposely come back to your page only to like it,
    so I suspect they like articles similar to how you like comments – simply to like everything.

    For this reason I switched of now notifications for likes and subsciptions for all my blogs, because they became irrelevant, since people don’t use them to make a statement to another human, but to please programmed seo-algorithms.
    What is a vote worth, if one votes for all candidates at the same time? It diluted into nothing.

    Like to be liked – This is todays ‘please like and subscibe’ culture ^^
    In a way people don’t look to be liked for themselves but for a cliché.
    This is the logic of makeup.

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