Week 2 – “It’s All In Your Head” by Michael Södermalm

A Swedish book was on my list for this week but unfortunately, it doesn’t exist in English. Therefore, I will do my best to share the essence of it and make you feel like you’ve read it. Instead of doing a traditional summary of the book, I will simply take out parts from every chapter […]

Week 2 – “It’s All In Your Head” by Michael Södermalm

6 thoughts on “Week 2 – “It’s All In Your Head” by Michael Södermalm”

  1. Maylynno!

    How’s it going? 🙂

    I’ve been wondering about you. Everything alright on your end? 😀

    *casual conversation*

    I get a feeling this author you’ve shared speaks some truth that is not so often said. “All in your Head” is like opposite from what a lot of people think, especially on the word “privilege”.

    Looks like good stuff. 🙂

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    1. Hello Romantic,

      I can’t complain to be honest. I am doing better than a lot of people. But I am sad. We are all sad and this sadness will take time to go.

      As for the Swedish Coach and author Michael Sodermalm, he is straight forward and I guess we all should listen closely to the voices in our head. Brilliant!

      Thank you my friend for your lovely message! I hope you are doing well!

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      1. Yes. The world is looking rather grim, these days… to put it lightly. And, yes. It will take some time to go. Many have lost loved ones because of the diseases. Then, the political matters just want to take advantage of people’s death for selfish matters, labeling it as a “fight for equality”. It is sad, out there. Though, perhaps “isolating ourselves” has a different meaning other than not contracting the Coronavirus. Perhaps we are doing it also to reaffirm ourselves, to “soul search”, so to speak, so we can understand the core.

        Just look outside at people who are taking more walks, being around their families. I believe love is in the air, through that. We are trusting what we know best, before this virus is gone and we discover yearning in knowing others.

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      2. I couldn’t agree more with you: love is in the air. With the virus and recently with the explosion, love is flooding between people. We are helping each others, cleaning and building. Most are volunteering for this. Something to meditate on and to spread or to build upon it a different world.

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  2. I’ve been (forcefully) introduced to the QAnon conspiracy theory because it’s become widespread here..

    I actually concluded the whole point of it is to avoid doing anything on this list at all costs and blame imaginary villains in the process. It’s crazy..

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