Beirut, the aftermath V

Two weeks passed by since the explosion took place. Thankfully, we received a lot of help from all over the world. Many experts and specialists are still here inspecting, helping, working with locals. Beirut narrow streets are over crowded.

Below some more pictures of the aftermath.

Photography by @dvjkaa

Can’t get enough of the port!
This is what used to be a building of fancy apartments. 


A traditional Lebanese house turned into a restaurant. These 100 years old buildings are threatened of collapsing. 
On a lighter note, the flower eye man amidst a protest in downtown Beirut. 

11 thoughts on “Beirut, the aftermath V”

  1. You said “on a lighter note”, but the picture which saddens me more than the debris is the flower man because it makes me aware of the people struggeling with jobs which already were difficult – then even more difficult in corona times – and now beyond difficult. He has to get fresh flowers and sell them quickly at a time when very few do have the serenity to appreciate sensuality.
    But then again – maybe he is so in tune with his job that he will manage to positively spread his sense for beauty.

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      1. I think what is happening is that globally this is a time in which humans get hit by our own karma:
        We fucked up the planet, other human beings and animals and now get it thrown straight into our faces.
        But since most of us didn’t evolve enough, our egos still resist what’s right in our faces and we still look for people to blame.
        And when there is no one to blame then this rage pops up like in your country, because if it were a war-attack you at least would have had an external enemy to blame,
        but now the enemy is within your midst and worst of it all is that each of you does carry a tiny part of that enemy in yourself, because you did elect them.
        In Germany I just encountered two conspiracy nutcases who laugh at everyone for wearing masks.
        The reason is the same: Their ego is to swollen to accept that life simply is unpleasant right now.
        Those are the same as the climate-change-deniers and refugee-haters. They want everything unpleasant to go away so that they can continue with their fun-lifestyle.
        The bad thing is that those are the ones who now cause great turmoil, make others nervous, and on top only make the planet worse for not contributing any solution to the issues – vice versa – hindering others to open-heartedly help the world to survive.

        It’s a time of reconing of the earth, a bit like the judgement day, and as usual: Nature doesn’t blame and complain – simply takes the consequences and then the ignorant are surprised why it does come “all of a sudden”.
        There is no other way – I tried my entire life to help or warn people in vain. Last time was this spring when I tried to tell people how urgent it would be to change, only to have been sabotaged and ignored.
        So I withdrew behind a paywall now – not for my earning but because I feel that people who are not mature enough to even get started with spiritual work now, will have a tremendous problematic time later on.

        In 2012 I heard Bashar say that the shift would be happening now and that people still can jump on the waggon, but each year afterwards it would be more difficult for them to join.
        Seeing the conspiracy-nutters I sense that it is too late for many already. A decade ago conspiracy was a valuable sign of awakeness, but now it serves to protect the egos of the weak minded.

        In case you know nothing about astrology – now you know about the power of Saturn first hand – right in our faces.


      2. We still don’t really know what happened at the port. But I am always in awe over people’s endless stupidity. Ego doesn’t mean stupid. We can be smart with a large ego. These days people are stupid and they have an ego strike. Bashar is one of them. I don’t know if he rules on anything anymore except on his private apartments.

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      3. I don’t know if we talk about the same Bashar, because I meant some guy who was channeling, but it is likely because the name sounds middle-eastern that you think of another one. However, I totally agree with you that a big ego combined with stupidity is the worst of it all. But look at Trump – he might considered by some as clever (which in my eyes is not the same as intelligence), but he has the biggest ego one could have in the world and look how he manages to destroy his entire country because of his denial. I think denial does not come from stupidity (that would be ignorance) but out of a resistance of the ego. In the end I think both are detrimental and cause terrible Karma for everyone involved.

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      4. Because people start to wake up now, I just start to interview someone for an article about conspiracy in order to sort out the valid points from confusion. You are welcome to add anything you can think about (you got my mailaddress by accidently posting it ;-)) without mentioning your name.

        The way I see the point of manipulation is that we (who are entangled in worldly matters) see the manipulation as coming from “them above”, but the more evolved (high yogis etc) see the entire world as “Maya” which they call an illusion, so they don’t blame anyone to have manipulated us then ourselves.

        To get out of that is much more tricky than I did anticipate – currently I try a direction called Advaita Vedanta which is about self-realisation. It’s very abstract.


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    1. It is sad nevertheless. Half of our small capital was destroyed. And thanks to all donors from all over the world to help us. We can’t do it alone! And thank you for your sweet comment!

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