Beirut, the aftermath III

It is so very sad. Pictures below speak a thousand words.

Photography by @dvjkaa

Shattered flag, shattered city! 
Debris blocking roads. 
I love this sad turtle toy under the army sign.
broken windows. 

12 thoughts on “Beirut, the aftermath III”

  1. It really just dawned upon me that with one blow your country was degraded into a third world country!
    What a horrible fate of a whole nation.
    Again my deepest condolences.

    I add each of your link into my reblog article to build a list of all your photos.
    You people may turn your photos into a photo-album and maybe even sell it or hand it out against donations.
    This could serve as an additional fundraiser.

    I was not surprised that the outrage did not decline once the government resigned, because where would it go?
    It has to vent. The only problem is that outrage alone does not do any good so I think some clever ones of you have to come up with a plan to invite some kind of independent external investigation.
    Only you natives can fathom how to get through that swamp of corruption on all levels.
    So external investigators would need advice form locals.

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    1. We are calling out for international investigations but the higher ups over here don’t want this. I am sure they are hiding something.

      I don’t know what awaits us in the weeks to come. The country is open to any possibility even the bad ones. Let’s hope that the explosion is the last bad thing ever to happen over here.

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      1. Well, my “3rd world” interpretation may have been too far fetched,
        but you certainly have been catapulted way out of the first world into the bottom of the second world for a while
        until your country not only did build up your infrastructure but also a political system with integrity again.

        Maybe it took this explosion to finally slap the corrupt elite out of ignorning you for ages.
        One never knows what comes out of the most absurd circumstances.


        Personally I wanted to ask you:
        Is it at the moment at all possible to teach something, meaning, do you still have your teaching job?
        (I would imagine that this is a low-priority-luxury right now).

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      2. 3rd world is the right word and not far fetched at all. I hope that something good will come out of this disaster..

        I do teach online. All went online since the corona lockdown. And with the explosion and people mixing with each others, corona cases went up the roof..

        I have a question: what do they day in the news in Germany about Lebanon?


      3. I mean – are students even interested in this time to focus on philosophy? Maybe it takes theier mind of things.

        Since I focussed on worldnews, I am going to listen to German news now and let you know about it straigh afterwards. All I can say is that I just spoke with my mother on the phone and she apparently knew a lot about corruption etc. (which I had not expected). Obviously everyone feels sorry for you people. I get back to you.

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      4. Ok, I checked for t hours and as far as I can see it: There were lots of news initially, but you would not believe it – it turned out to be very different than I thought – quite a few news within the last weeks before the explosion already and then today there was none anymore because the next corruption scandal which came up is Belarus where demonstrators have been tortured.
        This year is crazy – I think what is happening now is what esoteric people claimed since the 70s with the new age of Aquarius where all information does come out. Corruption everywhere comes to daylight. The explosion also plays a sad part in making corruption public – it seems that it is not all about communication (through the internet) but also facts just manifest merciless. Coronavirus being another one. Next comes global warming. And refugees are the Karma of the first world.
        Next turmoil shown in the news today is that now power-axes in the middle-east are shifted by Turkey and the Arab emirates starting a dialogue with Israel against their common enemy Iraq. I would not be surprised if that does confuse Lebanese people even further.
        I don’t know whether this did provide any valuable information – it was just a screenshot of 2 hours of the German media landscape. Anyway, I send the Lebanon tons of love.

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      5. Thanks for this summary. Indeed, corruption and scandals are everywhere. It is horrible and pathetic.
        Are we still in the aquarius age? I thought we were in pisces. Anyway, all I understand is that 2020 is the year of change. If people are not flexible enough, there will be more and more troubles.


      6. Interesting. Where did you hear about 2020 specifially being the year of change?
        Well, then again, from my Kabbalah-analysis this would be the case for the world having come into moon and Lebanon once cycle ahead in Mars (explosion & violent protests).

        Well pisces was the Jesus-age which is the reason Christians (without knowing why) chose the fish as their symbol and Jesus also had a lot of fish stories. That was the age of the saviours (like Jesus or Muhamed etc…) and now the Aquarian age is about each of us having to ascend to save the divinity within ourselves (the Übermensch within). So Nietsche would love this age – seems he was just ahead of his time.

        You are so right about the necessity for flexibility and I think that’s why so many conspiracy-nutters are popping up from everywhere – they just can’t handle that the shit simply hits the fan now.
        You are doing well actually, because I sense in you some propensity for sharpness which you seem to keep in check very well (despite the madness of the world!) by an open mind – and more important – also an open heart. ❤

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  2. Just horrific in every way. It was such a beautiful place and I know it will be again in the future but the level of destruction caused is going to take an awful long time to rebuild. And you can never replace people’s homes completely, with all the memories that have been made there. Its unimaginable the level of pain people in Lebanon are going through right now. I have posted how people can help Lebanon right now.

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