A summary of Buddhist meditations

Since the subject of meditation is less clear than I anticipated I decided to sum up a description of a Buddhist to save you 1 1/2 hours of listening. The core of the Buddha’s way to liberation consists in the practice of meditation It was by meditation that the Buddha reached enlightenment himself and it […]

A summary of Buddhist meditations

Since meditation has taken social media by storm and everyone is trying to do some kind of meditation, this post clarifies in details the differences between each type of Buddhist meditations.

To those of you who are interested in meditation (especially in hard times of pandemic and financial instability and insecurity), I urge you to check this post of my expert friend and learn step by step meditation.

26 thoughts on “A summary of Buddhist meditations”

  1. If you are giving information, be careful. There is a darkness behind Eastern religions. Very deadly. I was indoctrinated with Mid eastern India culture from a doctor. I am still waking up my mind,. 30 years. 3 years of toxic meds too. Getting better, and with the next paragraph, this is how.
    Christian beliefs are from the Savior Jesus with resurrection , life, light. Daily He gives strength, wisdom, friendship, health. Meditation on the Holy Bible, Psalms, Proverbs, Sermon on the Mount, Book of John with Jesus words stay with His Light.

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    1. That’s the comment, I was talking about, Maylynn.
      So by liking Cathy’s comment you agree that you find a darkness behind Eastern religions?
      I would postulate that I have seen at least an equal amount of darkness coming from the dogmatic behaviour of Western religions – the 3 Abrahamic ones being the worst – an example being Cathy’s dogmatic approach above which is counterproductive in my eyes.
      All it does is bolt prejudice and childhood-conditioning into the ground
      by condemning directions which are not aligned with it.
      That my opinion is where darkness comes from – not from the East or the West.

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      1. Ah, that is so disappointing, because throughout this year I thought that you did really like what I had to say.
        Also: Now that I told you which of your comments does contain my email address, robots can grab at any time, why did you not alter or delete it ?

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      2. Thilo, if I didn’t like what you wrote I wouldn’t comment/reply. And I really enjoy our discussion.

        Now I didn’t see in which comment I wrote your email. I just wrote your name on WP. If you can send me that comment and I will do what should be done immediately.

        And if you may excuse me for the time being, I am really busy with the damage that happened with the nuclear explosion in Beirut.

        Stay safe 😷


      1. WOW! I did not even hear yet about the nuclear explosion – didn’t hear any news today, so I fully understand. My condolences!

        And about the comment: Very easy: Just 2 clicks: (Assuming that you are logged in) 1. Right next to the mailadress comment is a “edit” button (either on top or botttom depending on your design) 2. You then will be guided into an edit menu and on the bottom of that are the options: “edit” or “trash”.

        This will be done within less than a minute and afterwards you have the rest of the day with the news. Thank you.


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      2. I will once I am home promise. I am on my phone and this whole thing can’t be done on the phone, I tried everything.
        The collateral damage in Beirut is huge.


      3. This is Lebanon’s 9/11
        – I am deeply shocked and have to catch up on the entire news instantly.
        Since you now have my mailadress, feel free to write me a mail about your experiences – I feel for Lebanon – in fact for the entire middle East !
        I also am saddened that it always hits the same poor nations.

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  2. Ok, now after having watched the news thoroughly I found out that this was not as you said a nuclear explosion, which so far seems to be the only good news within all that tragedy for your country: At least you aren’t contaminated by radiation and this is not a political escalation.

    Apart from that this obviously is terrible and I was wondering how corrupt your current govenment still is – if yes, it would be sarcastically for your president to announce that the ones responsible will be brought to justice when top politicians themselves may have been the ones taking bribes to overlook security demands.

    Do you live in Beirut? You seem to be quite lucky for not having been hit totally by the disaster – plus you still seem to have your teaching job, so you seem blessed.

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    1. I said nuclear to make it short. But there was ammonium nitrate in a hangar at the port and the damage can’t be described.

      I didn’t say I wasn’t blessed. That’s why I am trying to help some people in need.

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      1. This is beautiful – I also brainstormed how one could help people now – I guess that has to be asessed on the current life-situation which is obviously different depending whether you reside in Beirut or elsewhere in the country.
        The obvious is of course to help direct people in need, but there are even more opportunities:

        Maybe your multilingual competence could serve to help the trade of the country. I heard for exmaple that Lebanon has no glass-factory on their own and overall depends to 70% on imports. I am certain they could use forces like yours. diplomatic as you are you probably even could cross national bridges (like I saw for example that Israel offered to help -something I am certain many muslims would hate to deal with, but could improve your relationships and bring a little peace to the middle-east in the long run).
        Those are some of the opportunities which hare embedded in each crisis.

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      2. I am not muslim and we all hate Israel. Go read their news and see what they are writing about the explosion.
        And we are all multilingual.
        But thank you for your thoughts, they are great tips.

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      3. I see, I didn’t know how bad your relations are with Israel,
        have to read up on their news – never read Israel news…
        Ok, I found an article: Do you mean sentences like
        “Hezbollah would rather the Lebanese people suffer, than let them partake of assistance offered by the Jewish state.” ?
        This sounds very similar to how the USA reacts to other countries who don’t want them on their soil to invastigate them, like China when the Coronavirus broke out.

        And about the hole you are in you mentioned on my site:
        I fully empathise with you on that – this is hell: Corona on top of Corruption and on top of that now your capital blast to pieces.
        I am brainstorming as to how to share a bit of my luck with you.

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      4. The whole Middle East is mainly damaged because of Israel, the main problem here. Israel is not the only problem but it is the major one. Destruction of a region, deaths and immigrants by millions just for the sake of one small country! That’s the situation. Others over here are not innocent of course but I am summarizing the core of the problem in the ME.

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  3. Yes, Israel was a terrible mistake from us Europeans
    (as far as I know the British and French created and later Nazis accelerated – there was once a talk about Israel being created in some place with space like south America or so, but no, it had to be the one where the old places of worship are – that’s why I hate religions in general: All they create is suffering)

    On a more constructive note, I thought about something I could do to at least symbolically support you:
    I can increase the price of my course and then offer the preceeds to a Lebanese aid organisation.
    Would you be willing to act as an intermediary for that ?

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    1. I t is a nice idea but it will not work now to be honest. Dead bodies are everywhere, many people are declared missing and many lost their houses. Even some hospitals have been a bit damaged. So your offer would probably work on later stages but not now. The situation is terrible and overwhelming.

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      1. Well, the way I see it is that I hardly have any participants yet anyway, so my contribution only will be a small private donation.
        However: We could start to collect what dribbles in and later when you say it counts it could be utilized.
        Do you have a paypal account I could transfer money to (whenever you think it is right)?

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  4. The thing is that I would have made people pay straight into your paypal account bypassing me entirely.
    Else you can tell me later if you see some good organisation worth donating to and maybe they have paypal or something people can pay to. It doesn’t have to be paypal (which is not totally to my liking anyway).
    It should be an organisation though which really gives to people in need, not just something which is done anyway.

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    1. I will let you know of course. Mostly people dont have paypal here. I am sure in Germany there is some donation thing going on or help or something of this sort. Thank you a lot ❤

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      1. Have you checked your home and is that still ok ? (I presume and hope it should be in that distance) So you live with someone else I presume (like your boyfriend or parents)? I wonder if some people you trust would now need your place to stay. (I did it a few times when I was away to give my place to people in need)

        Your comment just comes in time as I am working on a mild fundraiser for you. I think before any money is donated I will make sure that you choose the right organisation to give it to.


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      2. My house is fine, needs some painting though and yes I am helping some people there.
        All UN organisations or in your case, the German Red Cross are the most reliable ones. Thank you Thilo!


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