The influence of The Joker


Few months ago, exactly in October, when Lebanon’s protests started, a politician linked street riots to the movie The Joker. Couple of weeks beforehand, I had watched it and wrote a review about it on here: The Joker, or how to watch a movie through concepts

I didn’t give much attention to the politician who blamed the movie for the happening protests for two main reasons: first, not everyone had watched the movie; second, people were protesting against corruption, so the movie was irrelevant here. However, world news has become a replica of the movie: now, I see everywhere The Joker.

Did the movie predict the state of the world or did it influence a certain worldwide ambiance, at least for the people who watched it?

It is difficult to answer these questions accurately, but one thing is sure: there is a correlation between riots and the movie. Apart from the Gilets Jaunes in France that started late 2018 beginning 2019, alongside some movements here and there, what’s commonly referred to as the Global Wave Protests started around October 2019. Again, was it a prediction or is it a replica? Honestly, a part of me is happy to see that art is impacting the world, especially after a long trend of pop commercial mainstream art, insignificant and shallow in its majority.

The Joker is an eponymous movie about a mentally ill man who considers himself as a joker, living in a corrupted and forgotten city. The socially invisible and bullied joker, forced to become a criminal for he has no choice, and a hero figure for a whole population as forgotten as invisible by the government as he was. So, the joker is each person unfairly treated, relentlessly claiming for long awaited and somehow out of reach rights.

Surely, there were some predictions in the movie while in the making alongside the start of some moving parts of the world. Maybe the brutality and the depth of The Joker _ not to forget the huge talents of all the working team_ had influenced protesters.

However, one question remains unanswered: did the working team on the movie expect the shifting in the world?


9 thoughts on “The influence of The Joker”

  1. I remember when there were those who predicted that the Joker film would spark more mass shootings, because it would influence those who are mentally unstable.

    It did not. In fact, it raised much awareness to those who are mentally unstable. It was not meant to be a film to incite morons who burn down their own neighborhoods, in the desire for some vain “rights”. A “right” is a made-up word. Like the Boogeyman, it is false.

    You ask any religious person where their rights came from, and they will say they are God-given rights. You ask any American patriot where their rights came from, and they will say that the Founding Fathers offered them. Yet, throughout the world, if you’ve come to notice this, each country’s constitutions possesses no exact and no same amount rights for the individual.

    The U.S. Bill of Rights has 10 stipulations.
    The British have 13 stipulations.
    The Germans have 29.
    Belgium has 25.
    The Swedish have only 6.

    Like George Carlin said, “Rights do not exist if someone can take them away.”

    And, like I’ll say to the world, “There are no rights. In fact, there are only powers and privileges. There are those with temporary lives, being those with privileges. And, there are those with a gun pressed to your temple, being those with power.”

    Why do countries around the world have a different number of different rights, if not for the fact that these so-called rights could be shot down, at any time? This doesn’t sound like any fanciful term like “fairness” to me. It sounds like humans being humans. It sounds like one group trying to control another group.

    If one country’s rights are lesser than another’s, in the number, while there are even countries in this world with no rights at all, this just proves there can be no equality. It is something we must accept.

    Joker was a film, not meant to put the spotlight on the mentally unstable, to glorify that, though to ease those with mental problems in the gentlest of ways.

    It was basically reverse psychology. Where one set of people thought the film would do worse for the world, it did the opposite. When Joaquin Phoenix stood up on the stage to give his speech after receiving his award, he spoke of compassion and endearment. He didn’t say to the world, “Let’s start a riot.”

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    1. That’s true, it shed a light on mentally unstable people. The joker was mentally unstable because of lack of love in his life. And he didn’t kill the people who were good to him.

      But it is also a social movie. Socially invisible people who were forgotten by society and governments. And riots everywhere have shown that we are all the joker.

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      1. This is where I always disagree with the sorts who are looking to “governments” like they are meant to be angels from high Heaven.

        Politicians are not Saints, nor are they “saviors”. They are ruthless, cunning, and manipulative. It’s in the political world to be that way.

        The person who look to a politician for continual aid, would be like looking at the Satan, himself, and saying, “He is the one who will help me.” All that will happen is continual usage, manipulation, and deception.

        People need to look to those who will be honest in the task, of aid, not those who will continually take advantage of them.

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  2. I’m inclined to think so. I remember how I felt after seeing the movie, it does create an awakening on the inside.

    In the past art used to imitate life. These days it’s the other way round

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  3. I wonder if the world is always chaotic. But human beings try to conceptualize order to it, but this conceptualization, which is really an attempt to make motionless that which is already moving, is only able to uphold its static picture for so long. The universe, always in motion and at that chaotically, moves along as it does, and eventually the human mind and it’s idea of stasis, of order and cents, no longer can accommodate the universe. So then the concept reformulates its basis of stasis, and attempts to formulate a new and improved version of what the universe is actually doing and is.

    I ponder if this more thoroughly explains what is happening. The idea that the movie might have caused, such that there was some sort of ability to predict or some thing, or influence, is it self based in a limited frame. It may very well be that the current conditions are what caused the joker to appear as a movie, at that, because it is indeed what we are already experiencing as our modern world, which is to say, our resistance to understanding the world as it actually occurs.

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      1. My philosophical observations are pretty nihilistic: is see very impractical ideas. They often do not give us an obvious way into action. I’m fact. I’d say, I tend to explain away agency. Coming to think: maybe that’s where I get the two routes. Because there obviously is practically linkages which appear to have to do with choice.

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