Random crucial truths vs. the tragic of life

Pablo Picasso : The Tragedy

2020 is definitely a weird but interesting year, a year like no other years before. I firmly believe it is a doorway to a different decade, therefore to a different way of life. Every morning, while having my strong black unsweetened filtered coffee, I stumble upon many small truths; most of the times I choose to go on as if nothing happened with an eager desire that things will go back to what they used to be before. Being aware of the useless nostalgia, I am trying to process the present which is, just like the German philosopher Gottfried Leibniz describes it:

The present is saturated with the past and pregnant with the future.

The truths I encountered are clichés but practically crucial. Some of them are repeated daily, almost mechanically. Some others are theoretically true but difficult to execute. The beauty of them is their simplicity. The simplicity to face the ultimate inevitable truth: the tragic of life. Death is what makes life tragic and what gives meaning to it. So, what are these “truths” to handle tragedy?

  • Health, family and friendship are strong pillars to the monument of life.
  • Joy found in dissonance and disharmony in doing exactly the opposite of what we are told to do and makes us joyful. I can see you smiling while reading this: did it remind you of a teenage silliness? We need to go back to the teenage heart and follow it. LAUGHING OUT LOUD.

I am talking about joy and not empty abstract harmonious happiness.

  • Pleasure in every step of the way. Seek it.
  • Consumption leads to waste.
  • Breathing and moving are the best therapy.

In conclusion, time is wasted by “small truths” of required tasks to survive. “Big truths” are found in silence and stillness, at night when nature wakes up, in tragic scenes and scenarios. Don’t hate them and don’t try to forget them. Tragic is the meaning of life!

2 thoughts on “Random crucial truths vs. the tragic of life”

  1. Hey May-Lynn! Yes, there’s been a lot of social changing (Pandemic initiated) as well in the midst of this, a much needed social-call for racial justice and equality (via civil protest.) But I’m not ready to concede to an overall paradigm shift just yet.

    We can marvel at humankind’s new awakenings all we want, but the powers that be must be willing to implement these changes and with real meaning before they can truly come to fruition. YET? An Awaking does seem to be happening. Perhaps an evolutionary corner here has been turned? Or at least started? One can only hope.

    It also seems to me, that though our childlike giddiness will dominate post-pandemic for a while — like a long-term prisoner, faulty prosecuted and suddenly freed — But reality will soon set in. The old grind of work, bills, debt and worries will return. The “small truths” will once again outweigh the “big ones.”

    So yes, like you’ve stated, “Life is tragic.” However, embracing this concept I’m afraid, does not seem to be in our adulthood human nature. That’s why change usually comes from our youth. They do a much better job of not sweating the small truths and pushing towards the big ones.— Be well May-Lynn.

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    1. Exactly! Adults don’t think of life as tragic; they tend to forget it and pursue small goals thinking they are big goals. Thank you for this smart comment as always. I really hope for a global awakening.

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