keep calm and amor fati

Great post on Nietzsche, the ultimate life lover!

Philosophy as Therapy

Nietzsche's Concept of the Will to Power

How many times have you find yourself agonizing over the past, your actions or inactions?

If only I had done….If only I hadn’t done….If only I could just go back and change….If only I could go back and do…..? 

I know that I regret my past at least twice a day!

Sometimes I’ll think back and say, I wish I had purchased that stock when it was low. Sometimes I’ll think, why did I try a new flavor of bubble tea when I knew the original would be a safe choice?

Going through the mental process of should have, would have, couldhave is mental torture. I am aware that I cannot go back in time and do things differently yet I still regret my past actions which causes me to lose confidence in myself and be more self deprecating than necessary.

Friedrich Nietzsche had a concept called Amor Fati…

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