Gilles Deleuze on desire, becoming an Idiot and dismantling systems


Following to my previous post on the concept of the Idiot by Gilles Deleuze that you can check on here:

The Idiot: Deleuze’s political concept to crack the system’s wall

Desire is a crucial concept in Deleuze’s philosophy. However, desire has two definitions. One that is the reason behind the world’s problems according to Deleuze and the second is the real underlying explanation of our life on all levels.

What is desire and what the Idiot has to do with it?

The traditional definition of desire is a tendency seeking pleasure. Since, the latter is sometimes problematic to moral values, it is recommended guiding desire to higher aims such as spiritual and intellectual ones or to morally accepted aims. This definition, inherited from Plato who guided desire to Ideals, can explain the existence of transcendent ideologies and systems that one has to believe in and desire to be part of.

The second definition is inherited from Spinoza: desire is understood as an unconscious energy, common to all living beings and not only to humans. This energy helps the living being to survive. So all thoughts and actions have an unconscious root; we act this or that way (it all depends on individual perception and interpretation) in order to make our way through life in terms of surviving and becoming more powerful.

Therefore, desire in general has two aspects: paranoia and schizophrenia. A paranoid desire is a desire as an energy that turned against itself by hanging on an ideology. The schizophrenic desire is the line of flight of the Idiot that cracks the system and dismantles it progressively. The Idiot is the creative free person who pursues his or her life in a total different way than his or her surrounding and history.

Racism is a paranoid desire and revolutions are mainly made of schizophrenic desire.

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2 thoughts on “Gilles Deleuze on desire, becoming an Idiot and dismantling systems”

  1. Je suis impressionné par ta capacité à écrire des essais philosophiques dans un français qui semble, de ce que j’en ai vu, très pur. J’espère trouver le temps de les lire prochainement, bien que je ne sois pas un adepte de la philosophie de Deleuze, comme beaucoup d’autres bien trop influencée selon moi par une psychanalyse complètement démonétisée.

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