Going backward in 2020


First, there is the pandemic, then the collective hysteria of shutting down borders and staying home, or not. Then came economical crisis. Then the world is trying to cope up with a harsh new reality. Then, here comes… Segregation!

I am not sure if there is a link between the peculiar pause of the world and racism. However I can’t help wondering how racism, fanaticism and culturalism still exist. People of my generation (I was born in the 20th century) thought we would have flying cars by now and a world with more justice. We really thought Hitler was dead to never be born again,. We also dreamed of having more of Martin Luther King and Gandhi. How romantic and stupid we were! How violent are the protests down the streets!

Racism, or any sort of dogmatism, is a question of identity. It is understandable that we fear for our identity. But we actually fear for the exterior aspect of it. Identity is more complex than the colour of a skin or any religious system.

Let’s dig deeper and I will talk about me: I am Lebanese, born during the civil war. I speak Arabic and I am also french educated. I learned Spanish in college and randomly Russian. I traveled and I have friends from different nationalities, religions, colours and cultural backgrounds. All these events and encounters added layers to my identity. So I am more what one can see of me and more complex than what is written on my identity card. I don’t fear for my identity because it goes beyond from any label. I am not one aspect and no the other. I am my experiences. And we are all very complex.  Can we stop human stupidity please?

I feel that 2020 is a long science-fiction movie!



9 thoughts on “Going backward in 2020”

  1. I can almost live with stupidity but then I wonder if the (seemingly stupid) leaders have an end goal in sight – and that is scary! However I must remember to live in the day and accept what I cannot change and change what I can.

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  2. Sadly, Racial division has always been apart of humanity. Perhaps change, which we most often scale in comparison to our own lifetime, is slower than we like or wish it to be but racial acceptance has improved greatly even just from our parents lifetime. Yet to us, even this progress seems too slow and unacceptable because we yearn for a united and peaceful world in “our lifetime.”

    But a timeline of humankind’s existence shows us these expectations are rather delusional in reality don’t you think? As a species we may still be socially evolving but great change in any species takes thousands even millions of years. Perhaps we would be capable of social change and acceptance on a quicker time scale in a different world. But the world we live in today, full of man-made divisions and fueled or ignored by our poorly thought out and now embedded political and leadership systems — and change of any kind, hard fought or not, is unlikely.

    Even a Black American President couldn’t change racial divisions in his own country. To change and unite the whole world in this regard seems to me a distant dream. I hope I’m wrong Maylynno. Because hope it seems, is all what reality has left us. Hope, and a dream of — “What Humankind Could Be.”

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    1. Absolutely! Change and acceptance takes time. However it doesn’t mean we can’t do it. The underlying condition is to assure every side of the conflict. Racism comes from fear. Otherwise why would a happy person be racist? Only threatened people are fanatics.

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  3. Yes I agree. Fear must play a part, yet surely its more complicated than that. Because racism is ancient, deeply rooted and still existing in all countries today. And not just against skin color but between ethnic and cultural groups, class divisions, sexual orientation, religions, antisemitism and on and on. It’s a human trait to judge others not like us. Yes harshly and to the extreme in this case — but judging none the less. And how do you change a faulty human trait?

    And It can be generational, culturally or ethically born. Countries like China, North Korea and many others still educate their young with western racist ideologies. Many of us reciprocate alike towards them? How do you change this without uniting the world? For me, the odds are astronomically against it. Stay well mon amie! Love the chat!

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    1. Politically, racism can do wonders to the States; hence educating children to be racist. This is so idiotic and criminal. And it’s less about racist thoughts and more about racist acts. One can be judged upon their acts.
      What can I say my friend? We are going backward. You too stay well!

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  4. The virus just exposed and made us face what’s easy to ignore that exploded because everyone is anxious and afraid of the future. Repeated promises of a better future that never unfolded.
    Here in the States I’m reminding people that there was a point not long ago where we had democratic control of every branch of government with a black president and black head of the department of justice; deportation was at a record high and police brutality and militarization of police was also worsened.
    It goes beyond just getting a new president and this is why it has exploded to burning down communities.
    Everyone is tired of it, and there’s no channel for change. What else can anyone do?
    I can’t fault anyone for breaking out in violence despite it not being constructive. But I also know most of this violence is provoked. Just look at what happened in the Obama era when peaceful occupy protestors were organized word wide.
    It was extremely ugly.

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  5. “I am not one aspect and no the other. I am my experiences”

    This really resonates with me!

    Thanks to classes I’m taking in university for my 2nd education degree, I am being put in front of mirrors I ignored most of my life. I defined myself with blinders on and pretended not to see my white, male, (etc) privileges. For months I went through shame as the realizations unfolded. In an online class this summer it has come to a new opening… I had enough. I am a work in progress. I am a lifelong learner.

    I am also a collection of experiences and influences of a lifetime.

    Thank you, Maylynn, for so beautifully putting it in perspective.

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    1. Thank you my friend. I think it is the time for us all to wake up, we just can’t go on like this.
      I am glad that you liked my post; it came from the heart without any editing nor preparation. Your words mean a lot to me!

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