Bewilderment etc.



So we thought we would wake up to the world we know

But we woke up to stillness and void

We woke up to the only inevitable truths: change and death

We woke up to the fading artificial beauty

Who cares?

We woke up to invisible enemies: illness and surveillance

We woke up to an invisible invasion

We woke up to our illusion

Wasn’t strength our identity?

We woke up to our vulnerability and breathlessness

We woke up to solitude and silence

We woke up to uncertainty

My dear ones, did you think you would wake up to the world you know?

Hello and welcome to a new world order

14 thoughts on “Bewilderment etc.”

  1. Random out of context (somewhat) comment..
    Thanks for the mild thread months ago, you helped me initially come up with a change in subject with my blog. I just haven’t fully planned out specifics with what/how.
    Your occasional (sort of) reviews of movies were close to what my old blog was, and it reminded me I preferred that format.
    This one mildly touches on it because I ended up selecting WestWorld as the focus because that show is the dead on representation of what my core life interest is about.
    I checked, the my angle and the actual message of the show isn’t out there beyond a few people pondering, so that’s where it’s going.


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    1. Thank you! I am glad I helped you without even being aware of it myself.
      I will tell u something, also out of context. I know, don’t ask me how it is just intuition, that you are very talented. I am sure that you will do great whatever you put your mind into. I am not saying this to sound nice, I do mean it! Again this is my intuition

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      1. It’s more about having the discussion allowing the motor run but the post you had of Joker made me realize how much I missed using that format after finally watching it.

        I had an old one of The Shining that’s mostly just lost forever because I deleted my other blog right when it started to get shares.
        Even though it was like 5 years ago I stumbled on numerous blogs and vlogs citing it which pushed it over edge.

        It amazed me it still existed by word of mouth in weird kinda “cult” circles.

        I had mixed feelings about Joker where I liked and disliked the same thing. Like.. it seemed disjointed and non committed to any narrative which is kinda what it’s supposed to be.

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      2. PS: if you haven’t watched WestWorld (tv series) you must.
        It’s right up your alley because it’s roots are in Nietzsche.
        It has a broad scope but it follows the Nietzsche lineage.
        It even has some humorous Rand banter.
        Example: relationships are just an agreed exchange of goods and services.

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      3. It’s more an order than suggestion..(joking)

        If you’re in a lockdown/quarantine/stay home order where you are I’d strongly suggest it.
        Not because it’s a fantastic show, a lot of people thought it would something else and hated it.
        It’s probably the best philosophical media made that even goes into how powers use social order to oppress people.

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      4. Yeah. But it’s more modernized and that part doesn’t start to come in until around season 2 unless you know that’s where it’s going. Then it’s everywhere. But it’s different enough to not be brave New World. 😒
        I went into watching it over to do a chain of blogs episode by episode to reach 30 more on the way they use Nietzsche’s ubermensche theory. THAT’s present from the go in season 1 and goes on.
        I watched the first episode and realized I’d have to watch it again taking notes and I’d just publish the notes as blogs to adapt later… and the notes were almost all references to brave New World which is where the show goes in a altered/updated way.

        The Brave New World concept doesn’t exactly match the real world utopian theories we are actually doing that are really dystopian. It changes it closer match a projected evolution of what we already do in a world we already live in just based on ideas we think will make a utopia.
        It’s actually better if you know it right from the start and you should notice the character Delores is the model t instead of a Ford automobile. 😁

        You’d love it just for the large amounts of philosophy in it.

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  2. Ce désir impuissant de retour en arrière
    Qu’après avoir roulé ressent en soi la pierre…

    Au pied de ta beauté je poserai mon coeur
    Et t’aimerai toujours, si tu crois au bonheur.

    Quel homme cette nuit a partagé ma couche ?
    Et ce bruit… Ô mon dieu, cet homme prend sa douche !

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