100 words or less

beautyThe heart is broken and words are useless.

It’s not depression but deception.

Death has no name. Fear has a new face and the enemy is inhaled. Hold your breath!

Solitude is confusing and silence is scary.

Towns have become ghost towns. Humanism is missed.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Can beauty save the world?



4 thoughts on “100 words or less”

    1. Actually, Florent,
      I think your feelings are not as tragic as they seem because you shifted away from the entanglement with the physical appearance which does open an entire bunch of new possibilities.
      Up to last year I was totally mesmerised by beauty even up to the point that I subconsciously saw beautiful people as ‘more perfect’ than others, but that was a huge mistake, and I had to learn that lesson the hard way by having been ‘dis-appointed’ in my expectations of beauty.

      Very slowly I learn that beauty first of all is very fleeting – people just don’t see it because they live in the moment only but add 3 decades to any beautyful person and you will see that that magic is gone – except for cases in which people already tuned into each other a long time ago.

      The character of a person is something entirely different – and pretty people even are endangered not to have to work on theirs because everyone is over-average friendly to them, so they may have a distorted view on society.

      My quest as I start to get old is to slowly replace the physical self-image with dignity.

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      1. Thank you, Amar. I agree with you and, as Beauty, like a diamond, has many facets, I will translate it into a different facet that is also encompassed by the word Beauty. It is a betrayal of Beauty when one feels called to it and yet withholds the expected offering, as with time passing by one looks ever more deeply into the inescapable coming. Sometimes, then, as a man hears a song, a simple song from a simple heart, he is shaken, as he remembers the days when a song was all he needed and yet he turned his back to the song, letting the song pass him by that was the meaning of his life. What’s worth the song, he asks to himself. And he looks around and comes to the conclusion: Not this. Beauty blinds him again. Always.

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