Useful tips to survive the corona’s lockdown

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I have been on a lockdown (forced staying home) for two weeks now and no changes before the end of March. In order not to go crazy bored, here are some tips to help you stay sane and focused

Work online:

If you have this option or if you want to work on your blog, this is a time killer, hours will pass by unnoticed.


This is a crucial for fitness in general and for immunity. Without noticing, you will see yourself sitting all day and this is bad. You can find millions of workout videos on youtube for all levels and all sessions, from 4 minutes and so on. Personally, I do my 20 minute yoga routine in the morning, on empty stomach and I workout in the afternoon for at least 30 minutes.

Intermittent fasting and proper nutrition:

It’s not the time to indulge in fast food and processed food and sugar crap, this is bad for immunity. In these days, we must give a break to the body to work, to regenerate itself and to fight anything it must fight. Personally I fast for 16 hours and my eating window is 8 hours.


And rearranging. Take the time to do it, it will help you know what you should keep and what you should give away. Another time killer activity. Everyday do a part of a room, so some is left for other days.


That’s a therapy, and a great way to keep you and your hands busy. You will be surprised how creative you are.


A good novel is always the best companion.

I hope my post will help you. Remember, don’t go out unless you must to. Take all the necessary precautions when going out and coming back. Much love and care are needed in this time.  Corona united us all!


32 thoughts on “Useful tips to survive the corona’s lockdown”

  1. Those are great tips which I also do follow, so I did link to your article on mine.

    Just out of curiosity:
    How often do you practically have to leave the house in order to accomplish the most neccessary tasks such as going to the doctor or buying food ?
    And once you do go out, do you rush to get your things done or do you take it relaxed ?

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    1. I buy online and once every 2 to 3 days i go out to buy stuff that i can’t buy online. That means wearing a mask and gloves and a raincoat.
      Once I am at my doorstep I spray my clothes with alcohol for disinfecting and my gloves to. I spray also the bag that contains the stuff I bought and the stuff themselves. Then I remove my gloves and the bag to throw them. Then I spray my shoes.. then i go inside.. then i wash my hands..
      Yes it is a hassle!


      1. Wow! I never heared or saw anyone undergoing such drastic measures except for in dystopian science-fictions!
        How do you pick up a parcel from a postman then? Also with gloves and mask?
        (Somehow this must make postmen feel like useful idiots.)
        So are many people in Lebanon walking around in raincoats now?
        I personally don’t want to spread panic. I asked my mother and an old woman from the neighborhood for example whether I shall buy stuff for them. Both women were not too concerned so I did not push my agenda because I thought that me worrying them could psychologically and therewith also physically weaken them to make them more succeptible for the virus.
        In the same way, what am I going to do if I have to go in a few weeks to a dermatologist?
        Sit in the waiting room in in a raincoat but have to undress in the doctor’s room anyway ?
        Maybe you have many more cases – how large is the percentage of infected in your city?

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      2. Everyone is like this me here. Even groceries. They give clients free gloves and hand sanitizers and some them they give gloves.
        I don’t want to spread panic either but in Europe, I hope u guys will not regret this carelessness. We have so far 120 cases or a bit more. 15 recovered yesterday. Measures are drastic. Empty streets although I live in a crowded part of beirut. No one visits no one. All courses are given online

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      3. Ok, after having slept over it I just want to say that my questions were not rethorical to diminish your very secure aproach in any way. I literally was asking (I guess myself aloud).

        There was something which made me feel like your safe way on one hand probabl enabling you to survive us al, but on the other hand by my life-experiences there always will come situations which are out of our control, such as a bird flying onto your window or a storm carrying the wind to you or you tripping outside and cutting your clothes or gloves.

        And that then is the point when the strength of the autoimmune-system is required and that is one of faith in believing in your ability to have a strong energy which protects you.
        The psychological aspect is not to be underestimated at all and the less you do trust in your own strength the more you will subconsciously be prone to fate which then does weaken you.

        The thing is that my country is twice as infected as yours and I am on the border of the age-risk group which you aren’t, and even I will go out normally once I have something to do, so I think it makes you stronger to relax into fate and surrender to life, something religious people do by visualising an external figure – which to me is nothing other than an outdated graspable terminology for life or your higher self.

        Hence I take an approach of compromise: Living alone but if something comes up outside I don’t want to contribute to the worry of others by being hysterical.
        This shall be your motto for this year: 😉

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      4. I am very relaxed. Your approach is the european one. I wonder if, god forbids, the number of corona cases increase with number, do u want to end up like Italy? Do u know that in Italy, doctors are choosing whom to treat? An old person is left to die. You know why? Because hospitals are over loaded. I am optimistic however, but there is a fine line between being chill and being neglecting.

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      5. What I find strange is that until now I always thought Europe of being the front-runner of the western world, always on the technical edge and also cold concerned about national gross income only.
        And as it turns out they now are strangely negligent – maybe either due to denial because until now they always were protected from the troubles elsewhere.

        Anyway, this entire thing made me contemplate upon the fine line between protective self-care and mental/emotional tension which in the end can backfire again by diminishing our body’s natural defense- mechanism. Think about it – how long can you clench your fist? You have to let go at one point.

        For now my solution is to totally stay home, but if I have to get out to trust in the quest my soul chose as my life-path which lies beyond my comprehension.
        In the end I think that it is less disease which kills us but the point when our life-quest is fulfilled.
        And as usual it is a mix of both versions.
        You would laugh, but for some reason I have the feeling that I did not yet accomplish all I have to.

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      6. You guys are not used to catastrophes as much as we are. This is why we are faster at facing problems than we do.
        You are right into trusting life with the things you can’t control. However here again there is a fine line between this trust and denial

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      7. You made me think about national approaches and I thought that your approach of deliminiation in some ways is even more German than that of the Germans whose usual habit is to set their demarcation out of fear. (Believe me, I know because I am German).
        Talking national thinking:
        Trump’s nationalism did strike me as despicaple because he did offer a German firm which is developing a Corona-vaccine one billion dollar to get the vaccine only to treat Americans first (and then probably sell it really expensive to the rest of the world later).
        Fortunately the German head of the company declined because he said that medicine would be for the entire world and not just for one country.
        At least in this respect the Germans are non-discriminative.

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      8. I heard about this offer and no doubt about Germany’s sense of justice and ethics. We, over here, are fans of Germany, we look up to u guys and we trust u. Declining Trump’s offer made us all smile over here

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      9. Thanks,
        I am sure that the the German pharma CureVac does only partially act the way it does out of the goodness of their hear, because they surely also made the calculation that worldwide sells will bring in way more than a billion for them in the long run. Pharma in general is a kind of mafia.
        Nevertheless I prefer their approach to the one of pure selfishness Trump displayed.
        But for this reasons alone he of course will be re-elected for being “the protective daddy”
        (even though it was the Californians who today acted consequent by locking down their country)
        My city btw is also on lockdown as of today.
        It was crazy yesterday already – I had to get out to give my sister a laptop and the streets before the lockdown already were empty (maybe because Merkel held a serious speech in TV).
        The emptiness made me feel more relaxed about going out for inevitable actions because the risk now seems low to run into people, so whenever I have to do something anyway (like going to the doctor for example) I will go out in normal clothes, do my thing, and on the way back also buy some fresh vegetables which I wash thoroughly.
        I think that this situation will go on way longer than everyone wants it to be,
        because in an Interview with CureVac the guy said that even if there is a cure or vaccine it first has to be tested without curing, then retested in higher dosages only for its potential harm, and then be tested for a third time for its healing properties first in low and then a fourth time in higher dosages.
        The upside is that society probably may reflect upon the many flaws of our current civilisation.

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      10. i know pharmaceutical companies are maybe the bigger mafia out there and i know that a worldwide business is better than Trump’s proposal. But they wouldve said yes, knowing that a vaccine will not be on the market before 12-18 months from now.
        Even is the streets are empty, be cautious


      11. I thought about Trump’s offer once more and came to the conclusion that it was not only to proect his own nation but I think that there is also a more sinister agenda behind vaccination, being able to shoot tracking microchips into each human.

        All other vaccines are made in the US so this would add to that collection – ideal, especially if countries made it mandatory for everyone to be vaccinated.
        And no one would decline that ‘lfe-saving prevention’ – we all even would/will come running for it.

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      12. Are we all paranoid for a reason? or is it a sci-fi scenario? as an adult i declined all vaccines like the flu vaccines and the one against uterus cancer etc. Maybe u are right

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      13. The paranoya and conspiracy theories in my opinion are a phase of us waking up spiritually and realising that things are different than we thought them to be.
        This is not necessarily the right perspective but once our own will starts to unfold we come aware of other people’s agendas and how they did overrun us.

        In this case I want to say that I don’t necessarily insist on the vaccine-theory but I am aware that this could be done and once I became aware how we are tracked on every step throughout the web and even literally via our smartphones I got that the vaccines could also serve as additional gps-tools.

        But then again al of us voluntarily bug ourselves with mobiles already.
        As for me: The more authentic I become by living a sincere life the less concerned I am about the opinions of others, including governments or whatever forces influence them, so whether this is happening or not I care less and less about and I am more concerned in bettering myself than blaming others whom I don’t even know.

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      14. You Lebanese seem do have done it right from the start which seems to pay of – congratulations!
        Germans were a week late but now also seem to have gotten their act together.
        I feel sorry for those nations which don’t seem to even get it now
        and also wonder how long the general population will be able to stay in quarantaine.
        This will show a lot about the maturity of different nations.

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      15. For once we Lebanese did it right 🤣 but we are still in containment until April 12th so far. Me too I feel sorry for other countries. Italy breaks my heart everytime I watch it on the news. Spain is that bad too. I hope this crisis will go away quickly

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      16. Yes, that also shows the spirit of countries:
        The Italian language (without me being able to speak it) seems so sensual and sensuality now seems to backfire – even harder for them to stay in isolation but loving to see how caring they sing with each other.
        I also loved Cuba for sending 52 doctors to Italy – times of crisis show a lot about the spirit of nations – Cubans seem to be sincere about their socialism. Lebanon also showed a great compassionate spirit in the Refugee crisis.

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      17. I admire Lebanon for the fact that our country did help despite being in need !
        That itselfmakes Lebanon’s charity stand out even more
        and I wish that the German population would not be split in benevolent and selfish people.
        Hopefully the Corona-crisis gives the thoughtless folks something to contemplate upon –
        one thing is certain – it forces the busy deflecting deniers to slow down which might bring up all sorts of things.

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  2. Hi! Since you mentioned about art therapy, adult coloring books keep me sane this quarantine! I’m not artistic enough to produce art that’s pleasing so adult coloring books allow me to express myself artistically. One of my personal favorites is the Motivating Swear Word Coloring Books for Adults. The contents/advices in the coloring book are funny and for sure will make you smile and the illustrations are perfect! I spend hours coloring. Here’s the link to the product!

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    1. Thank you for the link I will check it out. I have been drawing and it helped me staying sane as you said. I believe in 2 therapies: exercise and art. Thank you for this sweet comment and recommendation!


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