My life this week in 2020 the year of change

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The country is shut down due to the corona tsunami and people remain home. For me, it was a new experience as i am teaching online. I hate corona but i am loving this online job experience. However, being locked down, I couldn’t help but wonder about the year 2020.

For those who follow my blog, they know that starting october 2019, we have been on a long revolution against corruption and injustice. So on a shaky land we entered 2020 that hit us with more turmoils and with corona. Horrible as it is, we must look at the bigger picture. 2020 is the year of battles and change; which logically leads to the desire of change or to resistance because of fear. I feel it is a turning point: there is before and after 2020. The decade sounds revolutionary on all levels.

Corona, floods, earthquakes, protests, climate change and more demand responsibility and collective consciousness. It demands awareness and redifinition of oneself, of social structures, of relationships, of politics, of economics. Basically it demands form each one of us a choice and a role. Speaking of Corona: movies, tedtalks, conferences predicted the outbreak of a similar virus. We listened but we didn’t get ready for it. Now that the outbreak is here, what am I going to do? How to deal with others? Who am I and what are my deepest desires? The natural incidents I mentioned indicate the redifinition of the earth itself.

2020 is the year of big lessons in life. Incidents will force us to retrieve into ourselves and connect on a deeper level with our fears and desires. It is the year that must teach us to let go of the past and start fresh new, both on individual and collective levels.

So yes there is fear and loneliness. There is a resistance to change. But do we have a choice other than love and flexibility? I don’t think we do.


6 thoughts on “My life this week in 2020 the year of change”

  1. You sum up beautifullly what we all feel.
    The strange process I was going through was initially a healthy denial in order not to panic,
    then (due to the rapid speed it multipiled) the equally healthy panic of awareness,
    but after having faced the music and out of neccessity having withdrawn from socialising
    finally having found my sanctuary to make foom for my inner voice.

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  2. Perhaps change is possible after science leads us through this crisis. Perhaps the public will then recognize the importance of science again and demand its worldwide reinstatement. Science has long now been taking an ill-gotten beating by those who suddenly have lost faith in it.

    Due to those like Donald Trump, who publicly ridicule any science that interferes with his own political agendas. And those who reject vaccines in lieu of conspiracies and those many who have come to believe in the rash of discrediting propaganda against science.

    With a renewed believe in what science has been trying to tell us for years about the dangers of climate change, industrial pollution and environmental well-being — the public may finally make electoral demands on their governments. I believe, putting science and scientific research back on the pedestal it deserves may be the only way we can get out of this mess our world has gotten into.

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    1. Politicians and current political systems in the world screwed up everything. That’s why I talked about redefinition and responsibility. Thank you for visiting


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