Why current educational systems will not work for too long

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At least for the last century, educational systems around the world followed (and still do) a logical structuralist approach in their teaching methods, with little differences from one country to another. However, with the internet and streaming era, I wonder how long the current educational systems in the world would last.

Let’s dig slightly into these two fields.

Structuralism, in it general definition, is the methodology that implies elements of human culture to be understood by way of their relation to a broader, overarching system of structure. It works to undercover the structures that underlie all the things that humans do, think, perceive and feel. The impact of this system of education was and still powerful because it is the direct representative of the the political and economical “overarching system of structure”. In other words, a child is sent to school to become a citizen, a worker and a consumerist. With an efficient logic in its core, the current educational system turned the world population today into indebted clients bingeing on sugar with and increase rate of unemployment; worse as Hannah Arendt said once “a society of workers without work”.

On the other hand, internet is an algorithmic web. An algorithm is a detailed series of instructions for carrying out an operation or sovlving a problem. In a non-technical approach, we use algorithms in everyday tasks. As you can see, since it is non-technical, algorithmic process is different from efficient technical logical one.

Many questions are asked or should be asked: will we write the same way? Do we teach the same disciplines? Don’t we need to change our thinking schemes?


11 thoughts on “Why current educational systems will not work for too long”

  1. It seems to me that neither structuralism nor algorithms get to the essence of what human life should be about. If we see ourselves as psychological and spiritual beings capable of self understanding and growth, what relevance have these arid regimes, other than in helping human society to function.


  2. Let’s hope the new teaching structure (whatever will be) will include needed self-management skills as in: critical thinking, emotional awareness, self-evaluation, understanding human relationships, etc. Not in University or college, but on the ground floor, as soon as our children’s young minds are capable of comprehending.

    These skills learned at an early age and then applied, arm our children with needed personal skills they can use throughout their entire lives. Making sure they first understand themselves and others and how the world works in relation should be, in my mind, the primary first concern. And the younger the better!

    If this was made a prerequisite in all schooling, think of the benefits the next generation would possess when they are finally released on their own into a very complicated world. I know I would have been — better prepared! Hi Maylynno 😁!

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      1. Good luck with the teaching online, must be an inconvenience. The education system needs a do over. Countries like Finland have it right, the US however is stuck in the 1950’s

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