Parasite. The movie


It’s the endless story of the battle of the poor; but this time not against the rich. It’s the mentality of being a parasite, living off others’ goods.

This movie shuts down many clichés we know: rich are bad, poor are good. By the end of it, one can’t tell who is bad and who is good. These values as depicted in the movie depend on situations. Life throws all characters in situations where each one has to choose the least evil. That being said, it is realistic and so is the description of the ways of being and thingking of both the rich and the poor.

Alongside the smooth storytelling, interrupted by surprising elements, and the filming itself, this movie deserves all the awards it got. It is the story of the less than ordinary brought to amplifications for the best and the worst.

It is a very good movie, but not for the faint at hearts.

17 thoughts on “Parasite. The movie”

      1. Sure it is odd for you, because I was referring to a comment you made 10 months ago on another post.
        I thought you would have gotten my reference because I did comment below that a few days ago already.


      2. Lol. I’ve vaguely remember the comment. But yes; they are fine.

        And I’ve had opportunity to consider that my rambling posts while I’m walking my dogs may not be the best suited for blogging posts, that is, if I want people to understand what I’m saying.

        How are you and what do you think of that?

        Have you understood any of the posts that I post?

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      3. Yeah, I have to admit that the rambling factor did have a barrier-effect on me, not feeling inclined the first time to deeply dive into your posts, but me being extrovert myself, I learned from that to be as concise as I can be in the future.

        After having read your comments I I have to say that you certainly have a unique mindset, which is something I always cherish, because it shows that you are not dictated by norms which usually keep most people from exploring unorthodox ideas.

        You mentioning norms and collective consciousness i.e. archetypes in conjunction with therapy, made me aware that you seem to approach psychology from the outside (in the sense of collective impositions) inwards, where as my approach does come from the exact opposite – the contemplative inner exploration with results which may manifest in society later.

        In simple words: most like to educate themselves by external knowledge in order to use that whilst I explore each issue tedious myself until I found some kind of solution. In a way I think that approach is what turns people into philosophers.

        I registered with joy that you did subscribe to my blog and am looking forward to what you will make out of my soon upcoming self-development course based on a book by William W. Atkinson.
        As soon as it is published, you are welcome to throw all your brainstorm-reactions into the comments there, which will give rise to a lively discussion.

        As it seems we seem to have a bunch of bright brains on board for the next project to come – May-Lynn will also be present, so you smart ones will keep me on my toes 😉

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      4. Interesting that you think that I’m coming from “the outside”.

        That you would say that, that somehow maybe you gleaned that from when I post.

        I would have much to comment about that simple observation. Thanks

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      5. Damn. Lol. I forgot about that post. Voice dictation needs to be eliminated. Along with all digital technology !! 🤣. It caters to superficiality and nonsensical discourses that people take as meaningful just Becuase there is lots of words. Damn modernity to hell !! We swim in technological piss water !! 💩👽😝

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      6. yeah, ‘the outside’ has many connotations: in terms of society it could be considered as being an outsider,
        but I meant it in terms of ‘exoteric’ (outside view) vs ‘esoteric’ (inside view), which then turns the entire ‘outsider-thing’ around by 180°:
        The ones who do subscribe to external values are in line with society and therefore insiders,
        but the ones which listen to their own inner voice bear the danger of finding themselves marginalised because their own inner cycle does not conform to standardized rythms.

        I would say that all of us are a mixture of both, and the weird nearly seemlingly unsolvable riddles our dilemmas pose to us are usually due to parts of us subscribing to certain rigid norms which other parts of us long have shed.

        An example would be a kid who plays the clown in school because on one hand it understands that it is necessary for all to conform in class whilst on the other hand it’s soul feels trapped in roles forced upon it. So instead of bullying others the most constructive solution seems to make them laugh.


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