Ancient religions predicted the end of the world. Astrologists talked about fatal stars alignment in 2020. Where are we heading to?

Etymologically, “collapsology” is composed of the words “collapse” and ‘logy” as in logos, meaning the study of the collapse. Collapsology is an emerging field of research that stems from the outside the academic world and concerns the study of the heralded imminent collapse of our civilization.

The question is: are we really collapsing? Do you believe in the end of the world?

Many objective factors tell so: fires, climate change, storms and floods, diseases, financial crisis, violence, wars, species in extinction etc.

Many other more subtle factors indicate that something is profoundly wrong such as: agony of values, dysfunction of politics and economics the way we know them, the anachronism of the educational system, the misuse of words and grammar etc. And not to forget more psychological issues like depression, burnout, stress and so on.

As a response to these overwhelming factors, there is a serious quest of (old) new spiritualties, of new ways of working, of nature and naturalism.

Therefore, is it the end of the world or the end of a long era? Are we collapsing and dying or are we collapsing to rise again?

2 thoughts on “Collapsology”

  1. You might say, who is the ‘we’ who might be collapsing. If the Syrian middle class, it happened. If humanity as a whole, how can we possibly comprehend the dimensions of such a collapse? So yes, individual societies and their arrangements do collapse, eg the Roman Empire. But they’re usually succeeded by some other arrangement.

    I guess the interesting question is, what about so-called Western civilisation? Something’s certainly going on….

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