The concept of free

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It is not about the concept of freedom but the concept of free. A capitalistic world is a capitalistic collective and individual consciousness. Where all is about financial profit, then the concepts of saving and getting free products are related. It goes from free trials, free e-books, free giveaway etc… to ingredients free types of food.

While all this seems to be profitable and legitimate, where the awareness stands?

The idea of free is not bad in itself. People have the right to try a free sample before deciding on buying it or not. Same goes for a free trial, a free class, a free article etc., or even a “buy 1 get 1 for free”. The issue lies in the frantic thinking of getting the maximum of free stuff possible for two main reasons:

  • Trying something for free before choosing to pay can lead in some cases to be enticed. Not all businesses are made the same way. Sometimes the free stuff is way better than the bought ones.
  • Choosing quantity over quality. This is the bigger issue where people think the more the better, ending with unneeded many free stuff. Again, blame it on the consumerist attitude and behavior.

It is trickier when it comes to food. Sugarfree is the taste of sugar without having sugar. Fat free, is also the same taste minus the fat. Gluten free: does anyone understand the gluten issue? Put aside allergies and food intolerances, why would anyone want to eat sugar without sugar if it is widely known that is bad? It is lying to ourselves without taking any responsibility for this matter. It is accepting to eat crap and fooling ourselves that it is a healthier option while deeply being convinced that it is poisonous. Mythomania!

It is revolting because paying for something is paying for quality and it is an exchange. Perhaps some things shouldn’t be free and some others shouldn’t be paid for. You choose which is which. Should a party be free? I don’t think so, again for the idea of exchanging intentions and experiences. Art was never free, although it shouldn’t cost a fortune. Creativity must be paid for.

So, where the awareness stands?

It is low, stepping behind a compulsive behavior and a self-cheating mentality. Instead of looking for quality, some people (if not most of them) rely on bingeing bad food, bad quality and bad music. All this is followed by medication afterward. Then we ask ourselves: why are we so unhappy and stressed? How did rational and critical thinking disappear?

6 thoughts on “The concept of free”

  1. Interesting that word “Free!” Perhaps one of the most subconsciously ingrained word of our species that denotes individualized benefits. Fat free, sugar free, free the people, freedom! If its free and were getting it — it can’t be bad! Right?

    Yet curious in the fact its so overused, especially in advertising where the word FREE is used everywhere. And even though deep-down we know this word is most likely being used out of context and just a ploy to entice us to buy — it still subconsciously holds influence in our decisions? Almost like we can’t logically separate our internal long-held definition of free from its intentional misleading use elsewhere.

    The problem is. Everybody knows this and takes advantage of our excitable relationship with this word. Like the word “Sale” — “Free” has been used in advertising forever because it works! My question is — How is it that it still does? I enjoyed your topic as usual maylynno. Thanks for “Freeing-up” the time to write it.

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    1. You are absolutely right by asking how it still does influence our decision! We have been brainwashed for so long. Worse is, we know that but we are still on accepting this.
      Anyway I appreciate your comments and you always say it smarter than I do. Thank you for your great support ❤

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  2. Your blog is one of the rare ones with very individual philosophical thoughts – you make me think.
    In this article you addressed an entire array of issues:
    1a.) As bluearty said: everything initially is free – now Nestle works hard to privatise even water.
    1b.) There is that saying that something which doesn’t cost anything is not valued, so it seems that our immaturity does desire to be fooled by first charged a lot and then getting a reduction for it.
    (The same applies to our blogs: Which content is worth paying for?
    I just started thinking about writing a small book but because it is more fun to bring out each chapter as I go along
    and actually am contemplating upon putting out password-protected chapters which I sell cheap until the book is complete)
    2a.) The aspect of omitted foods is something entirely different and only the word seems to be the same, but that has to do with Western medicine being shoved down our throats declaring singular chemicals as bad when ancient medicines saw the entire plant with its energetic properties. The reason for the change in thinking is two-fold: The loss of tribal holistic thinking and the greed of big pharmacy which can’t patent herbs and therefore patents its analysed chemicals – hence the many side-effects.
    2b.) And on a psychological level the indoctrination against “scientifically proven evils” leads blinkered-eyed people to an internalisation of those dogmas by creating aversions against certain foods which is all in the mind as you can see here:

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    1. Absolutely true! And it is tricky: we have the right to sell and to give for free. But how to draw the line between what should be free and what’s not? What are the criteria?

      I wrote this short post because I have been hammered lately with free trials, free chapters, free etc.. and it got me thinking how enticing it is. Once tried for free, you get hooked. And if everything is paid for it will not attract people.. very tricky.

      Thank you for your kind words again. I want to make out of philosophers I learned a critical thinking blog. Otherwise, philosophers theories will become only culture

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