The stairway to authenticity


When are we truly ourselves? When do we express our inner self? Philosophers tried to give eventual answers to these questions.

We are ourselves when we are alone and meditating said Descartes. Rousseau preferred walking alone in nature to think of his condition and therefore to be himself. Thoreau thought we are authentic when we disobey, while Heidegger believed we express our inner self when we look at death. To Nietzsche, we are ourselves when we deploy our will of power.

What if we are ourselves in pleasure and pain?

In pleasure, one forgets oneself and frees from all conscious and social boundaries. Even when one wants to control it, pleasure takes over.  Pleasure as a way to be in touch with the true inner self, was evinced by philosophers for pleasure can often become an obstacle to rational thinking. This is honestly why I think that pleasure is more honest than any type of thinking: no more discipline, no more social values, no more taught logic! Therefore, pleasure (which can’t be felt intensely the same by two different people) is the pathway to our authentic self.

Also pain is a crucial experience of our true self. Put aside some happy few empaths out there, no one can feel the same pain like someone else. The tragedy of pain is it makes us lonely and alone, no matter how much we are surrounded by loved ones. Therefore again, pain makes us express our true inner self.

Be aware of laughing loud or crying out loud; these are the stairway to your divine soul.

8 thoughts on “The stairway to authenticity”

  1. You come up with the greatest ideas and your approach upon living it seems is really cool and somehow if I had to live a life over again I think I would wish that I was more like you. Even though I probably only know you like 2%. Lol

    i think I am most myself when I am writing, playing music and alone. The self that I am when I’m engaged socially I see is utterly mindless and disassociative. Lol. It is not that it is not me or that I’m not good at it or I’m not having fun or not liking the people or not liking the event or that I’m uncomfortable or something like that, but really there’s no time when I am out in the world and or being social when I’m sitting there reflecting upon who I am or what I am; at those times it’s more like I’m just being this person that I have to be at every moment and having no real choice in the matter. It’s like I am “automatically“ myself.

    In thinking about it, that is. And I think only in those times when I’m either totally engrossed in thought, such as in writing do I ever encounter anything that I am able to know as myself as a kind of comfort or satisfaction. And when I play music I find myself likewise absorbed in the pure act and yet with a kind of pure reflection of the experience.

    When I’m out in the world doing social things I’m pretty much not myself at all because I’m totally involved in the activity of other people. For example, I am totally loving counseling and learning to counsel and being involved with mental health because it’s self, as we are trained, is an act of totally or attempting to be totally involved with the other person and their experience. To get inside their mind and be them and be the reflection of themselves that they do not see; Innoway maybe being the person that they are that they do not know, that guiding part of them that helping part of them etc. I think that’s why I’m really loving it is because I have to be so little of myself that I can be probably most fully myself, Innoway of being, and not so much considering I thinking.

    I would also say that I’m probably more happy when I’m with other people. But that in thinking about it, I don’t really want to engage with people at all. Lol. Only when I’m engaging with them do I find that sort of happiness that sort of relaxation and comfort of being myself, but I’m thinking about it and actually being myself and contemplating who I am and what I am I don’t really want to involve myself with people at all.

    So I guess I don’t associate myself with being happy really. My self is more like a concept that I am intimately involved with, or not.

    Innoway, come to think of it, thank you Maylynne. I posted a lecture by Graham Harmon down in Tijuana I think it was. And in it he says that he views Philosophy. less as a way of organizing knowledge or a way of finding out knowledge of finding out what the thing is used for, as he says, or what it’s made of, etc.

    And he says Philosophy. actually is more about the love of wisdom. And when you consider that he wrote a book called Dantes broken hammer which is really all about love, I would have to say in reflecting upon your prompt here Maylynne, that I am most myself when I am involved with love. When I am alone I can love the pure spirit of thought in the reflection and the full act of doing that self reflection. And when I’m out in the world and being social I can be involved in a pure act of love in the way of being totally there for the other person.

    You are great.

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    1. Wow!
      1st of all, thank you so much for your kind words, I was blushing when I read your reply. Which made me read it twice lol.

      I couldn’t agree more with what you are saying. The fact that we are ourselves alone and ourselves with a twist when we are out there, is called by Kant: The unsociable sociability! And he was so right.

      Love only will make us authentic!

      Thank you so much for your reply ❤

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