What I have learned in 2019 from blogging

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In 2019 I published 109 posts, a number that is higher than my expectations. I am not a prolific writer: I love to write but I think I am a better speaker. In 2019, when I took blogging more seriously, there was a shift in my way of thinking and expressing.

When I compare my early posts to recent ones I see a change in how I say things and the contents. Before, my posts were more complicated and now they have become simpler. I learned that perfectibility is about discipline and consistency. Basically I learned blogging by blogging. There is no other way.

I have learned also more about myself. It is magical I would say how therapeutic writing is. Somehow, I feel lighter but sharper. This is what I call harmony and wit.

Last but not least, I learned a lot by reading my fellow bloggers and interacting with them. And that is the most beautiful thing!

What have you learned from blogging this year?

11 thoughts on “What I have learned in 2019 from blogging”

  1. I learned that while I may have a lot of readers and “likers”. There are very few who comment. 😄

    Also. Like you said. I have and am learning what my audience may be, and (Hopefully) how to write them ( I don’t know if I am succeeding, but I am still working on it).

    And I’m learning that blogging isn’t really about me and what I think.


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    1. Yes it is a process, more difficult than i thought it would be. There are millions of bloggers out there and to make yourself heard/read takes some efforts. Thanks for commenting always 😊


  2. What have I learned in 11months of blogging!

    Ideas can come from anywhere:

    A picture of a pillow
    Tree droppings on the grass
    Sitting on the stool bare ass

    A picture
    A phrase
    A tune
    Sometimes it comes late
    Sometimes real soon!

    697 posts with none the first month
    Cause I was a loony tune!

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