Looking from above: aren’t we all fighting for our lives?


Unannounced, I took a break. Silently, I slipped away from the scene. I did it because I felt, and still feel, overwhelmed amidst chaos.

As for those who know me, they know I am into politics, more precisely into geopolitics. How could I not? I was born in the boiling region of the world.

Watching world news, I can’t help asking myself why I was born in the most tormented place. Everywhere I see people striking for freedom and dignity. Simultaneously, I see bloody oppressive responses from authorities. Am I in an impossible region?

I showed up today on here simply because I missed writing “out loud” my screaming thoughts. One of them is the following: the world is ungovernable anymore!

Internet and social media have become a collective virtual consciousness; a concept I picked to Karl Marx. Whereas people are aware of imminent dangers, politics are still in 19th century systems.

Do you feel your hands tied?

14 thoughts on “Looking from above: aren’t we all fighting for our lives?”

    1. I like him in many ways and he figured a lot of things out as you say it. I am also a big critic of him too because of his political system is an utopia. The problem with Marx, is Lenin lol. Lenin’s sovietism is not Marxism. So he gave Marx a bad reputation

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  1. Peace is something we all want. Looking forward to peace everywhere in the world. Revelation 21:3-4. Would that mean a government over the entire earth? One? No more war or violence or hate. Man can not accomplish it. There has to be another way. Would you agree?

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      1. I’d like to share this website if I may. Not spam. It’s all free of charge. I’m part of a global organization that has accomplished on a small scale peace among nations. It’s a beautiful thing. Enjoy

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