What ancient Greek philosophers feared

Plato, in his book The Republic, criticized all political regimes. But mostly he feared the outcome of democracy as a tyranny.

Democracy, known as people’s government, is already biased in Plato’s book. Since they are deeply manipulated by sophists and politicians, their reign would necessarily include manipulation. Alongside this vicious nature of democracy, comes the principle of equality and freedom of opinions. This allows the competent and the incompetent to express themselves equally. This will create chaos later on in the democratic life.

The outcome of democracy would lead to tyranny as people’s choice to bring order back in society and politics.

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26 thoughts on “What ancient Greek philosophers feared”

  1. We have tried to counter this through Education.
    But it seems that there are a lot of us who have forgotten that we must overvalue Education for Democracy to take on a noble meaning.
    In France, it is surprising to note with what contempt the leaders (or irresponsible) consider the people (vulgus gives in French “vulgaire”, isn’t it sad ?). And how much the concept of “pedagogy” has “derived”. Now it is :” I repeat the same thing and you will vote for what I repeat – you don’t agree because you don’t understand”….

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  2. That’s been a repeated topic on many progressive hosts. I find it humorous they break the rule where Pluto said to not try to persuade people to exit “the cave” or they’ll try to murder you.
    I can’t fault that because it’s extremely difficult to have a dialogue with anyone trying to get a person to realize (on their own) they’re in an illusion.

    Oddly, I take breaks from the world by getting into ancient aliens because that is less crazy than the real world and they, at least, have a method of reaching their conclusions and I think they know they’re a little nuts.

    The irony is that getting into the UFO subject ended up with Plato. Who’d a thunk it…

    It seems like it’s a strange conflict between liberal social and liberal economics; the anti “liberal” attitude of the right tends to not know the common ground is the neo liberal approach to economics.
    I find it interesting so many billionaires are so unfulfilled with accumulating wealth they are running for president. It would seem to me that wealth accumulation isn’t as fulfilling as they think and they should start paying taxes.
    And that is probably the worst part of modern sophist. “I’m rich because I work harder and I’m more important!” If that’s so miserable you need to be leader of the free world to feel important at the expense of others.. well..
    the stacking of the federal courts with people who have little to no experience in the legal and/or judiciary is exactly what Plato feared because that’s how Socrates ended up dead.

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      1. My blog used to be psychology, analysis, philosophy, etc. I changed it to art not having time, but I want to switch it back. (Going slow). I’ve been wanting to lay out my own world and philosophical view in a linear way but I don’t write things down; maybe I can use yours to remind myself. I’m more reactionary than proactive.

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      2. That sounds dirty… (joking)
        I’m rewatching Watchmen, if get done early maybe I’ll skim your full site and see what catches my interest. My head is a little scrambled lately.

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      3. It’s not. I think it’s just that WordPress sucks..
        might be a bug, I have blogs I follow that show in my feed but if I visit the page it says deleted by author. But they still post and such..

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      4. Oh! I know what happened, that’s on purpose.
        My old site was philosophy and psychology using movies and other media (like music) to teach it. It’d take weeks to get a blog down and they’d be like 5 pages of text; not blog friendly. Blogs are more short form. I didn’t have time to mess with it and I wanted to rewrite them someday so I just deleted them. The other site relates to artwork which was just abstract, but friends started doing modeling who commissioned a bunch of abstract artwork versions. Those take around an hour and to blog takes a lot longer.
        So I didn’t change my address because I rarely comment and I don’t want to have someone (unknowingly) get slapped with that.
        Some people are easily offended.
        There’s some direct analysis with philosophy and psychology etc.. I just haven’t changed it over fully yet. And I’m not sure if I want to separate them completely.

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      5. It’s there. It’s just that the website on my comments is one from 5 years ago. 😁
        I found your site by you finding mine so I’ll leave it at that.

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      6. Humorously… when I shifted from the early blogs (for what was intended as brief) the “art” series was more literal.

        The pieces of the puzzle were there so I did it to see if others may unconsciously pick up on it.

        Philosophy = study of knowledge = Sophia = archetype = soul = study of the soul = psychology

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