Why the streets are a great inspiration for blogging


(the photo shows a street in Beirut)

Alongside advices given by famous bloggers about ways to get inspired, such as reading for writing blogs (it works for me), I think inspiration comes from where life is. I mean cultural life. The streets happen to be the central point of human activities from which you can learn a lot.

Here are some reasons why you should leave your computer for a while and go down the streets for as long as you can to be inspired for your blog

  • The vibe: the street is the scene where life is deployed. Unwillingly you will get caught up in its ambiance and energy. Unless you are sleeping there, you can’t be passive down the streets. You will be forced to be physically and mentally engaged. This can infuse new ideas to your blogging activity.
  • The trend and the happening: are not all on social media which is a part of reality. The other part of it, the physical one, the one you can perceive, remains the more important aspect of the bigger reality. Open your senses and your mind and you will be bombarded with new ideas.
  • People: the main actors of any cultural reality. Have a chat, even with a complete stranger, is enough to exchange ideas. Nothing compares to a human contact. Yes you can think on your own, but you will think better with others.
  • Emotions, good or bad, are exaggerated down the streets. There’s no better reservoir for writing and blogging, for art work and creativity.
  • Shapes and colors. Don’t underestimate this one because seeing new things can shape up your thinking pattern and hence you blogging.

Surely, it all depends on the street you are in. Some streets can be dangerous, depressive or even ugly and dirty. In all cases, leaving the desk and the computer, taking a long walk among people can help you boost your inspiration.

12 thoughts on “Why the streets are a great inspiration for blogging”

  1. Some great advice! May I add it to my “Creativity” Course? I personally find that having other people around me stimulates my imagination. Thanks for sharing and that great photo!

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    1. Thank you so much, it makes me happy that you liked it. Add it wherever you want and I feel honoured really. We tend to forget about the outside world because we are constantly glued to screens. I find it depressive and limited. There is nothing like human contact and face to face interaction to stimulate our potential. And thank you for liking the photo!

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