Revolution onward

Yes I told you in my previous post, I will be away, demonstrating in the streets with millions of lebanese inside of lebanon and abroad.

Our demands is the resignation of the current government for being heavily corrupted. You would be scared if you knew the stolen amounts. After 7 days of being in the streets, blocking roads, striking, djing and dancing (we love to party here!), the government didn’t resign.

I am still down the streets. I check your posts while I am sitting down, it is my favourite escape to learn and be inspired.

I urge you free people out there to fight corruption, the plague that led us to climate change and to poverty. I know you are doing it somehow with your constant creativity but there is nothing like the streets.

“See” you soon all of you. The photo was taken a couple of days ago in Beirut ❀ And until then be great and free as you all are!

10 thoughts on “Revolution onward”

  1. I just saw this now and I agree with Mathew: What an impressive photo!

    Tell us – how did that all turn out in the end, and if it didn’t resolve until the Corona-crisis what was the impact corona had on the shift of your country?
    I know that most governments do enjoy the support of the population once there is a crisis, so tell us everything about it first hand please!

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    1. like you mentioned there is corona now so mass protests stopped apart from small incidents here and there. The new government is doing a wonderful job with corona… and that’s it, So people are still being poor and mad. Protests will start again once corona is over


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