Peace and reconciliation



(I took the picture of this street graffiti couple of years ago in the streets of Athens)

If peace is defined by quietness, tranquility, harmony, then reconciliation (restoring a friendly relation) is to be seen as a new conciliation, an action of mediating between disputing people or groups, which is the current state of the world.  Whereas the Social Contract was conceived like the reference of conciliating differences and reconciliation, Hegel’s State, on the other hand, is an ethical totality, a product of conjunction of the subjective will and the rational will. Ideally the State is supposed to eliminate all conflicts between the subjective desires and the rational law of the government. Mainly, these two theories, among others, are the frame of any peace and reconciliation; unfortunately it seems that they have missed out on the reasons of today’s world problems that lie beneath the surface.

Therefore it is interesting to seek an explanation in the philosophy of immanence, more precisely in Gilles Deleuze’s philosophy that demonstrates the problem of war by displaying a plethora of dualisms: nomos/polis, smooth/striated, deterritorialisation/reterritorialisation, minor/major etc. Deleuze’s ontological politics follows a cartography of desires which points out the various issues of identity on a molecular level (or individual) and on a molar level (religious, ethnical, social etc.). In Deleuze’s perspective, to understand the world today in all its identity crisis, violence and emergence of minorities, taking note of the cartography of desires and analyzing capitalism will show us that the current conflicts are a logical response to the way desires shape lives and societies as a reaction to transcendence in religion, philosophy and politics. It shows us ultimately how war is inherent to the State’s nature.

This being said, States want to achieve a worldwide peace by declaring a global war (which is happening today in a way or another). Needless to say that peace and reconciliation as perceived on people’s minds would never happen through the State which times of calmness and security are more likely to be a cold war on a deleuzian perspective. Peace and reconciliation are to be searched in desire and lines of flight.

12 thoughts on “Peace and reconciliation”

  1. Each polarity created, each side created, each warring nation upon direct opposites to one another, may as well be the North to the South. That is alike America’s war of ideology, dubbed as the Civil war, almost appropriately so.

    It may as well be what separates the wound apart, to reveal the underlying, exposed flesh.

    Two soldiers both want to die, and want to live; though, they can communicate when they clash in either an embrace, or with a dagger to the belly.

    I see duality a lot like split apart flesh, where the middling is exposed and is what is most affected, to become infected. It is the part that is dirtiest, and also deserving to be cleaned, the most.

    I imagine two soldiers on opposing sides, and if one soldier’s eyes can see the other soldier’s eyes, do they need to speak? They do not, for they know what they are thinking, and that is enough. However, the unpredictability of such a moment is what creates that fear. Fear for the future makes the fear of survival.

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    1. So true what you are saying. And unfortunately, politics failed to save us and to make us happy people. Since it is harder to reign over happy people then sad people, just busy to survive.

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      1. Love was called something close to a “needless thing” in the 1960’s.

        Is there anything more obvious than that?

        Love has no use to it, because we do not use our beloveds. We aren’t mere soldiers determined to survive, but also people with hearts larger than a battlefield soaked in blood.

        Love has no use to it. It is the most useless thing. Why would the 20th century repeat something they believed to be a scorn against love? Are we all Nazi scientists with no empathy, wanting more to use the body for some experiment, than to simply stare and listen to the words of someone with as much patience required for love?

        Compare the words, “to be used” to “to be loved” and you will see there is carelessness in the former, while there is carefulness in the latter.

        Blood flows within people and between people. It doesn’t need to be seen so directly, to know that simple truth.

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      2. Sorry. Lol.

        I ramble, a lot.

        And… yes, politics has failed us, because we made the error to place our trust in a revolution that stated they could “discover truth” greater than God.

        If that’s not arrogance, then I don’t know what is.

        The only truth we’ve discovered is that we can no longer trust humans, the “neon God” Simon & Garfunkel mentioned… so, what do we do?

        It seems we find more comfort in animals, these days.

        “Veganism”, in how I see the movement, itself, is the proof behind Darwin’s “theory of evolution” in terms of “devolution”.

        In today’s time, we are placing ourselves lower than animals, almost receding back to becoming bacteria and worms, through what lives in the soil, being what Vegans eat when it comes to the cultivation of a garden.

        From God, we trusted scientists…

        After we lost trust in humans, we began to worship animals…

        And we cannot worship ashes after that.

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      3. Funny that you say it like this, I didn’t see it this way. But yes, I think there is a devolution, not because of veganism, but because we became submissive robots to society. I guess we should create different communities with different purposes


      4. No…

        I was meaning that Veganism is a RESULT of human devolution, not the cause of it.

        Isn’t that the reason why Vegans are Vegans in the first place, because they are sympathetic to animals?

        And, isn’t that the reason why hunters kill animals, because they do not care enough to lower the rifle at the sight of a doe’s peaceful presence?

        In today’s time, we are placing ourselves below animals, almost as if those above us, ARE animals, a lot like the personality of a psychopath, or a CEO.

        Like, we are bugs to be eaten by those animals…

        We stare upwards, and we see these skyscrapers, casting long shadows over a city. There is no beauty in what they create. Just domination, as giants who stomp insects, or eat insects.

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      5. We overdid everything. Our consumption of anything became compulsive with time. Adding to this , the frenetic rush for money making without any care for people’s health, nor for their money, nor for the environment.
        All the reactions you mentioned above are normal, coming from our survival instinct.
        You can analyze it the way you want and we might not agree on how to call it but what is certain is that the “wild capitalism” (as the frenetic money making like stupid) is the problem


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