Behind the Author: Mostly Philosophy… An interview from the Wolf Boy to me!

My blogger friend Mathew, The Wolf Boy of WordPress gave me the honour and the opportunity to answer his questions through his interview.

Thank you so much Mathew, you made it fun and interesting. Please consider to check this sweet and smart interview by clicking the link below👇

And Mathew, you are a man of many talents ❤

10 thoughts on “Behind the Author: Mostly Philosophy… An interview from the Wolf Boy to me!”

  1. I had a read of the interview and enjoyed it! It sounds like you really do love philosophy. I discovered philosophy about 15-20 years ago and loved the way it gave me different perspectives on my life and circumstances. I have 23 people enrolled for our U3A group and we have a great time together trying to work it all out 🙂

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  2. Phd, eh? You’d be far knowledgeable than me, maybe you’ll enjoy my lack of structure. I relate a bit to Socrates where I’m annoying and argumentative while not knowing much of anything. lol
    I like Nietzsche a lot, a friend suggested Rand many years ago because she said I reminded her of her. I didn’t care for Rand, but I got the comparison because I can be mean philosophically.
    Generally speaking, I went from Nietzsche, to Alan Watts, to Carl Jung, to Joseph Campbell. Then dabbling in some Greek like Plato and a tiny bit of the stoics.
    I like to counter balance rigid with wish/washy stuff possibly because I am sort of a dualist. In different ways, some are simply I think one philosophy is completed by its counter part and finding how they’re the same is fun/challenging.

    I want to, at some point, fully construct my personal philosophy as something coherent (proactive instead of reactive), but I haven’t pinpointed the delivery method and the “how”. (That’s what I sometimes refer to).

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    1. Nietzsche is limitless, i keep on finding new ways to understand him; clearly this guy was a virtuoso. i like Rand too, although she is very controversial. The Fountanihead is a great noel.
      proactive is needed. mixing rigid with lighter stuff is also needed. who said that philosophy has to be rigid anyway

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      1. That’s why I like Alan Watts. He’s fun, and he’s a counter balance to myself. Some don’t like to consider Watts as a philosopher or even intellectual; he is but he’s purposefully backwards and acknowledges philosophy (in how anyone would do it) becomes entertainment.

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      2. He’s easy to find, there’s a lot of recorded lectures from when he was alive. He comes from an angle of Zen Buddhism. So he’s vastly knowledgeable while also reducing knowledge to zero which is really interesting. I think that’s why they label him as anti intellectual in terms of philosophy to where they say he’s not a philosopher. He’ll philosophize then reduce it where knowledge is ignorance saying ignorance is ignoring.
        He’s fun.. if you get what he’s saying it makes sense with what he means.

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