How many pairs of shoes does a person need?

Same question goes for shirts, jeans, sweaters, make up products, cars, houses, food, drinks, partying and the list is very long. In other words, when too much is too much?

Whoever had to move out knows exactly what I am talking about. The sudden awareness of why and how and when did we buy all this, hits us in the face. The endless dialectic of desire versus need is still here.

I am convinced we have been misled by the idea “the more, the better”. And we have been misled by the definition of happiness as comfort, therefore belongings, therefore eating more than we need, therefore having more than we can chew.

Hundreds of sites and videos talk about decluttering.  However most of them fail to mention the importance of shifting the mind where the real decluttering begins. So it’s not about organizing the closet in a beautiful and coherent way. It is more about changing the approach to life.  Less is more and it is not minimalistic but reasonable.

How can the body heal itself if we keep on fueling it every 2-3 hours? Isn’t snacking one of the most stupid and harmful ideas? Spending more, eating more, being sick, spending again more on treatment.

Same goes for shoes. How many pairs of shoes does a person need? Not too many. But how many pairs of shoes does a person want? We can never have too many. Both are political statements.


8 thoughts on “How many pairs of shoes does a person need?”

  1. A man can go far with just 3 pairs of shoes, in my opinion of course.
    As a man who advocate styles, I actually agree with you. Nowadays, everything is disposable that is why I always advice my readers to buy things that last and make it last. Make preemptive measure and fix it it before things get worst.
    Buy stuff with the intent of passing it down your children.

    Great writing!
    Cheers and more power!

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  2. I once had a friend who confessed to owning more than fifty pairs of black shoes separate from all her others. As a struggling university student I couldn’t comprehend how she achieved this! I agree with your ideas about the unsustainability of constant purchasing. It is unnecessary and wasteful but there is always that temptation ….

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    1. Yes sure, temptation is always there. I own a lot of shoes and clothes and stuff like this like any other woman. After many years of buying, I find myself today being very stupid for all this compulsion. So I use what and I don’t buy clothes anymore until they are worn out. I gave away a lot of them too. Anyway thank you for reading and commenting, it is much appreciated


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