Death: the dawn of humanities!



Imagine this scenario: some Stone Age men saw one of their companions lifeless. They tried to wake him up, kick him, and hit him. He remained motionless. Next days, they saw him decomposing. Then they understood that next would be one of them!

Being conscious of finitude is the human tragedy. It gave birth to the quest of knowledge, of meaning of life and the desire of immortality. Religion became the answers to rationally unanswered questions and one’s hope for a second life. Philosophy started as the rebellion against the pathetic human condition, as beings conscious of their limited time. Science gave us some explanations. Our survival instinct pushed us to gather and form social and political systems.

Consiousness of finitude gave us culture as the sublimation of our reptilian brain and life-driven libido. Hence romance and poetry, litterature and art, story telling and imaginary lives to combat death with more life infusing actions and beliefs.

No matter how prepared one is in front of death, when it hits, it is hard to cope with. Death is the only truth. Meanwhile, we get by living, filling days and years with the best we could. Most of the time, we forget that we will all die and we fight over unessential matters. Life is a beautiful lie and that is another truth.

“Death is the most certain possibility”, said Martin Heidegger.

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