The paradox of identity crisis: submission and foolish wars!


An identity is a complex concept made of different layers: nationality, racial, ethnic, religious (of course!), cultural, subjective…

While most of the aforementioned have always been issues unfortunately, the subjective identity remains the core understanding of identity.

All national and supranational identities tend to reduce a person, including her being, feelings and experiences, to one aspect: race, religion, culture etc. How fair is that? And how or why do people accept it? Why do we agree on being reduced to a politicized inherited character? A human being is beyond a definition of words.

The subjective identity is given by consciousness and reflexivity. It is synonymous to the internal world of thoughts, memories, fears, anxieties, desires and so on. As these elements keep on changing throughout the years, an identity is neither set, nor rigid. It’s not given once and for all. It is constantly evolving. Therefore, reducing this complexity into one tangible aspect for political or social reasons is a paradox to its essence.

That being said, tell me why are we still fighting each others?

4 thoughts on “The paradox of identity crisis: submission and foolish wars!”

  1. Have you happen to read the philosophical hack, the first part, yet?

    Because I would put as a comment to this post the first part of the philosophical hack, and maybe even the second part. And actually if you were to take that book and flatten it out into double spaced 8 x 10 pages, like a paper that one would write for a class, maybe, it is approximately 40 pages. So… i’m just saying. 🙂

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