Why having a philosopher in the office is good for business – Big Think

As the title says it clearly, let’s make some millions by hiring a philosopher in the office!

A smart way to take advantages of philosophy/philosopher in consultancy and business. Starting with the Greek philosopher and mathematician Thales who bet on olive business and won a fortune, to the French philosopher Voltaire who won the lottery, an insight on the importance of logic and deep analysis taught in philosophy to enhance business.

Click on the link below to read the full article, it is worth it! And tell me what you think in the comment box 👇


9 thoughts on “Why having a philosopher in the office is good for business – Big Think”

    1. Philosophy teacher PhD.. but my blog is about making philosophy simple and accessible to non philosophers. Although I enjoy a lot reading hardcore philosophy but at the end only professional philosophers would read it and understand. So somehow it is useless if not made simple. I am sure u know what I mean.. what about you?

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      1. Thank you i like your blog too. And i like wolves! At least they don’t perform in a circus!
        You should experiment with pure philosophy class, it is tough but soooooo worth it!

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  1. Your post has reminded of what French philosopher Alain (Emile Chartier) said about Thales and his olive business, so I wanted to share. Not sure it goes in the sense of your source, but food for thought anyway. (French original text, I know you can handle it.)

    “Thalès, qui passe pour avoir inventé la géométrie prouvée, et qui était curieux aussi des astres, s’amusa un jour à gagner sur des olives, d’après une prévision juste, et par un jeu d’accapareur, afin de faire voir que la richesse était une des choses qu’il avait le droit de mépriser.” (Propos du 2 janvier 1932)

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