The Artist (II)



The Man in White asked him: “your art is becoming progressively dark. Why is that?” The Artist remained silent, deeply taken by many ideas, frenetically painting. “Are you anxious or mad at anything?” said The Man in White.
– Yes I am. The world is in danger and I must save it. I don’t want to witness my loved ones suffering
– Why do you think it is your duty to save the world and to save them?
– Because I am The Artist, the greatest man who ever lived! Artists are heroes; they always make the world a better place. But this time, it is about saving it.

Then, The Artist laughed out loudly, which worried The Man in White. He asked The Artist: “How will you save your loved ones? Who are they? I’ve never met them”. “My parents” replied The Artist with a smile. “We are going on a trip together, they are rich! There will be landscapes and sunshine, birds and flowers; the perfect place to talk, to laugh and to cry, to love and to hate. I love mom and dad, it breaks my heart to see them sad”. Then he jumped off his seat and yelled at The Man in white: “I hate them. They made me sad. How will I spend many days with them? I don’t know. Should I go with them or should I not?” The Artist sat down and stared at the wall on his right. He mumbled inaudible words to himself. To this sight, The Man in White left, unease and worried. He will miss The Artist.

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