My story with yoga



Obviously, I will not dive into the benefits of yoga immediately; I will mention its consequences later on. Yoga means “union” with every existing being and with the universe. Like Sadhguru says it: “what we exhale, trees inhale it; and what trees exhale we inhale it”. Therefore, one must be conscious that a human life would be impossible without all the elements of nature. Yoga, as in the physical aspect, is one way to know this. But I was introduced to yoga through the western concept of it that understands it as a workout, which is not the eastern understanding of it. To the latter, it is a spiritual discipline and a way of life to enlightment.

My story with yoga began when, many years ago (in 2001 or in 2002 if I’m not mistaken), I stumbled on an illustrated yoga book. I was mesmerized by the incredible postures of yogis. This triggered in me the desire to try yoga, which I only considered from the physical angle, reminding me of how good I was at gymnastics during my school days. In addition, I read about yoga and its ability in fighting stress and creating harmony and peace, along the photos of yogis inhumanly flexible and happy. Then my enthusiastic quest for a yoga teacher/studio started. Little did I know that it was not all as pink as I thought it would be.

What I found first was Hatha yoga and progressively I tried Iyenegar yoga, Vinyasa flow, Sivananda yoga and at that point I was disappointed so I stopped practicing yoga all in all because none of the aforementioned worked for me. What was missing was more of a rush feeling that I personally couldn’t find in these schools (western says “type”) of yoga. Until I tried Ashtanga yoga.

My first Ashtanga class was so difficult I nearly cried and it left me muscles sore for days, but with a great feeling. I understood back then that I needed this athletic and sweaty type of yoga. And it’s magical. The benefits are a whopping wave of super consciousness, energy and creativity. I felt them within the first two months of practicing.

I am on and off yoga and our way to the mat reflect our way in life. What I have learned that what counts is the journey and not the destination. I have learned to embrace myself and others. I have learned that what’s permanent is the change and that we are part of the universe, on an endless becoming!

5 thoughts on “My story with yoga”

  1. I am struggling to find the right yoga myself. The one that is most popular right now is hot yoga….flow (shades of Bikram), but I have not found it to be the most useful for me. I do like the Yin because it is more relaxing and can help with stress. I did hatha with my father (before yoga was cool). He was an expert but then let it go once we moved from Europe.

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