Vegan way or the high way!

According to the latest UN statement, we have already used our energy reserves for 2019! Pretty scary that resources are becoming scarcer and it is directly linked to climate change. Therefore, it is not only about recycling and awareness, it is a radical change in our way of life, meaning: less consumption in food and energy, reusing, decluttering and going minimalist. I don’t know how fast we can adapt to this emergency wake up call since we are used to something completely different. And we all know we are creatures of habits and our brain creates patterns to which we respond constantly and, that being said, we love our habits. In a way, veganism seems to be the only option we have so far to save ourselves from a bigger crisis, maybe from multiple catastrophes before we starve or we get burnt. In The Guardian, this article shows how it is a political revolution to go vegan. Tell me what you think about this 👇

4 thoughts on “Vegan way or the high way!”

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