Scratching on paper or… typing on keyboard?

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Although being a technology lover, in writing I love Paper! Call me old fashioned, there is no comparison hold between writing on paper and typing on computer. They are two different writing experiences to me and I am trying to figure out why.

There is somehow a connection between the writing hand, the reading eyes, the hearing ears of the scratching pen, the touching hand of the paper, all this and the brain, emotions, sensitivity. Strange enough I can’t feel it this way when I am typing just like I am doing now. By the way, I am thinking about the whole process right now as I am typing.

Somehow I am more rational on my PC, whereas I am more creative pen writing words, scratching curved letters and adjusting my handwriting, although nobody would read it but me. I think in comparison to the conventional writing method (I just hated myself now saying this) that computers, just like any machine is cold. It is an impersonal way of writing or drawing or making music or any activity of this sort. This doesn’t mean that there are no creative artists out there who do it all through computers and softwares but I am just talking about the process. The intimacy is lost with the computer. Although being just a tool, computers turned us into bureaucrats in a way. Staring at a screen, unsmellable, untouchable in its core, no dancing hand in shaping letters.

What goes for writing, goes for reading. Reading a paper version book is not the same as reading it on a tablet. Very practical indeed but lifeless. Somehow again, we lost our memory because of smart tablets, that outsmart us actually. I remember back in the old days, when we use to write down phone numbers or manually save them on our phones, I used to memorize them. Same for books. Feeling guilty about trees in spite of what I said and about to say: I buy books, I buy notebooks, I use pens and pencils and I can’t function otherwise. Do you feel the same about this duality of the writing/reading experience? Or am I losing my mind? Would love to hear from you 👇

4 thoughts on “Scratching on paper or… typing on keyboard?”

  1. I prefer to type than write. This is probably because I have bad penmanship. Lol

    But in terms of reading, I very much prefer books that I can touch and feel than e-books.

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  2. It has been proven that you retain information in different ways depending on whether you read it on a tablet or a book. Goes to different parts of your brain. It’s much easier to retain and recall if it’s a paper book. Tablets are more for leisure and convience

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